21. May 2016


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Baird, Robert W.

DOB: 4th June, 1970

Address: New Orleans, LA, USA

E-mail: robertwbaird1@gmail.com

I am writing this statement to report my present experiences, which match historically proven COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Programs] operations of a federal agency, as well as being the subject of non-consensual human experimentation with advanced technological weapons.  My experiences force me to believe that a federal agency is responsible for present COINTELPRO operations and other clandestine activities.  Only a federal agency has the capability and the proven past record of using these operations to terrorize and torment innocent citizens.

Since early in 2010 I have become aware that I am a victim of electronic surveillance and torture. Now, I believe that the unknown electronic surveillance was there many, many months ( or years!) before certain events, which led me to file for divorce in early 2009. Now, I believe I was mind controlled into leaving my family. Now, I believe that since a court case in New Orleans, Louisiana (Orleans Parish), which started in October of 2008, or even earlier, I have become part of what seems to be an electronic surveillance and torture program here in Louisiana and the US. I am an innocent victim, a natural US Citizen and a US Military Veteran. Before the above court cases, I did not realize that any Radio Frequency, Active Denial, Voice to Skull, Psych Weapons or subliminal messages were being directed upon my person. I have lost my family and my job because of these weapons. Why is it happening to me? How can the United States sponsor this torture? How can we stop it?

I ask that if you vote on any legislation regarding this subject, that you vote to stop the electronic torture of innocent US Citizens and the use of Electronic, Radio Frequency, Active Denial, Voice to Skull & Psych Weapons. Ron Paul addressed on the floor of Congress about the government “hit-list” of Targeted Individuals (TIs), further verifying what survivors of the program have been alleging. If there is a Target List somewhere, I would like to be taken off that list!

Below is what I experience on a daily basis:

1) Microwave and/or radio wave irradiation and/or heating

2) Electromagnetic shocks to my body, head and everywhere else

3) Electromagnetic choking

4) Sudden arm or leg movement

5) My thoughts being read in real time and then in real time the “system” attempts to condition me with various responses using voice to skull and/or the microwave hearing effect and/or infrasound

6) Voice to skull and/or microwave hearing effect and/or infrasound

7) Speech interference

8) Induced heart pain and irregular heart beat

9) Sleep depravation

10) Subliminal messages

11) Pulsed brain-wave frequency

12) Electromagnetic energy effects (possibly by lasers, microwave or radio-frequency radiation, or visible light) and sudden forgetfulness due to electronic assault

13) Electronic sexual torture

I am currently misdiagnosed with “Delusional Disorder” and “Bipolar” in error due to this “24/7 torture and surveillance system” being directed onto my person.

Criminals have:

1). Ability to know things that we say or do within the “privacy of our home” by means of electronic surveillance devices. Since I have been attacked it seems the “24/7 torture and surveillance system” knows my every thought. It reacts to almost everything I think about with various responses. They wake me up all hours of the night and electrify me all hours of the day. It is a hate crime and needs to stop ASAP! I have pain on my entire body at times and they electrify my head like a lab rat being zapped. I am subject to repeated radio frequency or electromagnetic radiation all hours of the day/night. The “system” has interfered with both of the court cases mentioned above. The “system” could have been reason why these cases were in court in the first place. One thing is for sure – I am currently being tortured by these attacks and I will never be the same again.

2). Ability to keep our phones tapped and to hear our conversations. Of course, they can pick my thoughts directly from my head, so tapping the phone in my opinion is secondary, but I believe they have access to it. .

3). Availability of unlimited numbers of people to stalk and harass us in various ways.

4). Ability to deprive victims of their jobs. The “24/7 torture and surveillance system” all of the time finds ways to disrupt or ruin my day. This included getting hit with a horrid frequency at work, which eventually forced me to quit my job. I am currently unemployed due these attacks!  If I get another job, I do not know if I will be able to keep it.

5). Ability to control friends, relatives and coworkers through specific electromagnetic effects used to create false negative beliefs about us. The “24/7 torture and surveillance system” has manipulated events including but not limited to subliminal messages to family, friends and coworkers in an attempt to lose my business, lose my job, lose friends and family. This slander campaign and criminal racketeering subliminal messaging technology is very powerful and is extremely lethal. It seems the “24/7 torture and surveillance system” can control any situation it chooses. I am helpless and want it to stop ASAP!!!

6). Ability to force me to do things against my will. The “24/7 torture and surveillance system” has attempted to have me do things that would have me put in jail, to commit suicide or have me talk about my electromagnetic experiences to a psychiatrist in an attempt to discredit me. I am currently misdiagnosed with “Delusional Disorder” and “Bipolar” due to this 24/7 torture and surveillance system. It is electromagnetic torture via my auditory cortex, using voice to skull or other electromagnetic weapons, to get me excited enough into doing something that will get me in trouble. In my opinion, these events are examples of criminal racketeering, genocide and/or medical malpractice by way of electromagnetic torture weapons.

7). Ability to force me to commit suicide. As stated above, having me commit suicide is one of the main missions of the “24/7 torture and surveillance system” program.

Documented above are COINTELPRO experiences and other clandestine technologies. The facts very clearly and unquestionably prove government agency responsibility because (1) they demonstrate capabilities that are available only to a government agency and not to ordinary criminals; and (2) they demonstrate methods and techniques that match the COINTELPRO operations and beyond, which were thoroughly proven by congressional investigations, by journalistic investigations, and by court cases to be the work of specific government agencies, which have been engaged in secret, unconstitutional wars of crime and psychological torture against innocent citizens since the early 1950’s. 

International laws, national laws and/or the common rule, governing informed consent of human experimentation, must eliminate any chance that fully informed consent can be avoided in directives of government agencies or by institutional review boards, and these new laws must be enforced by all means necessary. Death penalty for such illegal attacks!

The equipment, enabling these attacks, must be regulated, like nuclear weapons are, and must be shut down until we find out, what is really going on here.

Local law enforcement needs to have proper equipment, which would enable them to pick up on these electromagnetic attacks, like the Weapons Development Spectrum Analyzer, manufactured by Tektronix, or any other equipment that can identify, where the signals are coming from. United States National Safe Houses need to be built, if the Presidential Committee cannot stop the attacks upon people, who are experiencing them.  

Please Help,

Robert W. Baird

Disclaimer: I revoke my support of any petition or previous statement alleging responsibility of locally organized gangs, since I now realize that my experiences can only be explained as the COINTELPRO operations and other clandestine activities of a US federal agency.

Banerjee, Santanu

DOB: 9th June, 1995

Address: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

E-mail: reporting.gangstalking@gmail.com

Torture and V2K started from 1st week of November 2019, while studying as a CSIR-GATE-JRF. Have already suffered loss of 2 academic years 2019-20 and am still not finding any possible respite from aperiodic disturbances. I was a student of IDDP in CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur having got admission through GATE 2019.

I have lodged police complaint in Beleghata Thana, Kolkata and sent numerous emails with all my horrific experiences documented in the link provided below for awareness.

I am willing to donate my body as well as other necessary organs for through check-up. I know that some inserted elements, which were in my brain/ears, have passed down due to gravity to other parts of the body through my neck during which my voice changed. Therefore, a post mortem is essential to find these and detect such insertions in other humans who might be using such spying technologies to siphon important documents like “Missile Technologies”, which I have also heard through the V2K sent wirelessly to me.

I have understood that this poses a risk to the internal security of our nation since my vitals & live feed through eyes and ears, processed through computers were sent to other nationals whose accents I had heard and identified as European or American. Therefore, these people have the capability to infiltrate any institution as a spy. I accuse scientists, and employees of CSIR-CMERI Durgapur who were in employment since October 2019 to have carried out this brain trafficking. My brain was sold wirelessly and I was hypnotized wirelessly. Memory alterations and constant commentary of whatever I can see as well as whatever I am not focusing on (e.g. parts of the newspaper I have not yet read but is on some part of the same page) have been read to me. These people have set up rackets to initially fool the victim by following them rigorously and inflict damage on human life. It is extremely necessary to obtain this technology and keep it for exposing terrorist activities only. Information of the currently operating rackets need to be found by interrogating the people in present employment in CSIR-CMERI Durgapur, India.

I urge all fellow victims to fill the following online form and make formal police complaints: https://forms.gle/D5R2ybnHqK1rFr6d8

28TH February, 2021.

Byer, Joshua

DOB: 21st February, 1988

Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

E-mail: joshua.byer.work@gmail.com

My name is Joshua Byer, I am a male who has resided in Toronto for most of his life. I should be a normal healthy member of society, but because of the interference of an organization, who I believe to be the NSA, I am not.

I realize that I have a device in my head, affecting my brain that can

  • Read my mind
  • Implant voices directly into my brain  (nonstop talking and interrogations)
  • Cause changes in my mood
  • Apply shocks and headaches to my brain
  • Induce actions (cause me to turn unwillingly)
  • Force me to make painful and awkward facial expressions
  • Make me throw up
  • Make me unable to speak.

The brain damage, already done by the NSA, makes it impossible for me to function properly in society. The brain damage is still too much for it makes sense for me to continue my education. I had little choice, but to put my continued education on hold until my brain begins functioning in an acceptable manner. I have instead begun concentrating on learning and informing people of the NSA’s action towards me and others, protesting and distributing flyers with information about mind control experiments on innocent civilian people. I performed a search online for people who were suffering from conditions like mine. To my surprise, in Ontario alone 59 people have been sent before the consent and capacity board claiming they have a chip or device in their brain or skull. Their court cases can be found on the CanLii website. https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onccb/index.html#search/type=decision&ccId=onccb&text=implanted%20%2B%20%22device%22%20OR%20%22chip%22&origType=decision&origCcId=onccb

My case cannot be found on that site. This is because I never requested they print out the reasons behind their decision. After reading some of these court cases, I started look for cases that had names attached to them. I found a couple of these, including one that showed a Galina Kurdina had made a similar claim before a court in Ontario. I reached out to her over Facebook, and she referred me to a group she was a member of in Toronto, referred to as the Toronto Ti’s. Through her literature, I came upon an old government program called MKUltra, in which the CIA experimented on civilian in a similar fashion. The goal of this program was to develop effective tools and drugs for use in interrogations. It is my belief, that I am a victim of a similar program being run by the NSA. A quick description of this program can be found here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

Please Help

Do not allow the NSA to continue to destroy my life. Do not allow them to inflict untold physical and emotional pain on me. Do not allow them to continue to control my life. I need to move on to the next chapter of my life, a chapter that does not involve NSA interference. Unfortunately, my current situation appears quite bleak.

I got a false diagnosis with schizophrenia and psychosis.  At the moment, I am on a community treatment order, which means psychiatrists can force me to take anti-psychotic injections. These injections have terrible effects on my health, and make it impossible for me to function properly.

I still have a device implanted in my brain, on occasion the NSA sends some short messages to me through it. They also use it to make it difficult for me to think at times. I occupy my days with part time work that does not pay enough money for me to support myself. I suffer from terrible brain damage, which makes it impossible for me to obtain meaningful employment or continue my education. My body is in a terrible state, much of my physical abilities have disappeared since this story began. Under the NSA’s continued interference, it is unlikely that I will live past 40.

This situations has put me in a weird place in regards to my future. In order to move on with my life, I must obtain vengeance against those who have humiliated me. Sadly, there are quite a few people who have taken part in my destruction. It is difficult to select one indignity that I want vengeance for. All I can ask for at the moment, is for me to be allowed to try and recover.

Even if they stop their assault tomorrow, I am still unsure of how my life is supposed to continue. I have lost most of what people typically place value on. The brain damage has left me in a very awkward situation, I cannot go back to work, even if I wanted to. I feel that my ability to reason properly has been reduced a great deal, and I really don’t want to live with this for the rest of my life.

Please help by informing the public

Coelho, Vinicius Rodrigues

mind control, body control, psychotronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, electronic harassment, gang stalking, targeted individual, cybertorture, Sherri Guarnieri, Galina Kurdina

DOB: 10th June, 1988

Address: Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

E-mail:  vrodrigues.contabil@gmail.com

I write this statement to publicly testify that I am a targeted individual (TI), a victim of attacks by Psychotronic weapons, that is, a victim of remote neural control possibly from technology patent US3951134, having my brain hacked by criminals. I am a victim of organized gang stalking as well.

Psychotronic attacks occur mainly at night during sleep, causing different reactions such as sleep disturbance, insomnia, extreme excitement, tremors, etc. Remote neural control causes induced dreams, voice to skull (V2K), synthetic dreams, physiological problems, synthetic telepathy. Organized gang stalking occurs in different environments: in the streets, shops and public places, means of public transport, in the professional workplace, school and college, etc.

I declare to be a victim of remote neural control since the year 1998 and organized gang stalking since June 10, 2011.

Denis, Lee

DOB: 1950

Address: White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

E-mail: lamalee2@yahoo.com

I will try to tell you what life is like for me now, after eight years of being targeted by an unknown source (it began May, 2007).  I know that I am not insane, and yet I live in an insane, surreal inner world not of my choosing.

This began, as it does for most of us, by my ‘overhearing’ conversations through walls and ceilings and believing that what I was hearing was true.  People seemed to be plotting against me!  I call this period ‘THE TERROR’, because I didn’t know what was going on and I was truly terrified!

I know that they must have used hallucinogenic drugs of some sort in the beginning to get me to buy into the crazy dialogues that they gave me. I would believe all sorts of things and the stories they had me follow in my mind were tied into my own belief systems and what was happening in my mind or what I saw on TV.  This made it all the more believable.

I do believe in telepathy, and so at one point I believed that my whole home town had turned telepathic!  How’s that for a horror story?  

They used hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming ‘triggers’ with this Voice To Skull weapon (voices in my head).  They even gave me clues!  I was living with my mother at one point during the beginning stages of my targeting and her apartment is very well built.  One cannot overhear conversations through walls and ceilings.  And yet, I did…

One particularly cruel thing that they did to traumatise me was that they had me ‘overhear’ a rather gruff sounding man tell his friends how they had kept my son alive while they harvested his organs!  This was my first born son, and he had been missing for a number of years at that point, under very mysterious circumstances.  To hear this was pure hell and almost sent me over the edge of reason!  It’s called TRAUMA BASED PROGRAMMING.

It was unrelenting.  I tried getting away to a friend’s place, out of town.  I was followed, or so I thought.  The voices were everywhere I was.  Plots were against me everywhere I went.  I returned home.

They also used sex against me……using some kind of machine, which I now call the ‘great vibrator in the sky’, to electronically rape me all night long for weeks on end.  The thing of it was – it felt as if invisible people were actually raping me!  I ended up getting hurt one night, under all the heavy blankets I’d put on myself to hide my body.  I had no control over this whatsoever!  I sincerely doubt if I could ever replicate the orgasms which were experienced during this time.  Real life orgasms would be quite different.

That part of THE PROGRAM, as it is called, did end, but even at age 65 they play with me and I have to think ‘elder abuse’ and ‘rape’ in order for it to not go further than a ‘feeling’.  I think they do it just to scare me.

At no time do these people want you to have control over your mind.  They divide the mind up so that you are concentrating on the story they are telling you at the same time as what you are doing in ‘real life’. So, you become kind of a ‘double agent’ if you will!  You speak normally to people and do normal tasks, and at the same time you are dealing with the storyline in the mind, which they are using at that moment. Or hearing repetitive phrases over and over.  Or hearing one song until it drives you crazy!  As well, we all get a kind of high pitched ‘whine’ in our ears, or just outside our ears.  It can go up in pitch, or down.  Sometimes they play with my right ear and I hear beeps as if I am in a sound booth for deaf people.  It’s very surreal and strange to live this way.

They would use Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and at first I would roll around the floor at night, even going under the coffee table trying to find relief.  They also used these weapons on my poor old cat, so that she would jump up in pain. 

I was so lucky in that I had two very good friends believe me.  One was John Hutchison, of ‘The Hutchison Effect’ fame and the other man I’ll just call Luke.  My mom also believed me and was experiencing some strange things herself!  I did research on my computer and managed to find another targeted person in my area through the FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance organization) Newsletter.  Derrick Robinson from FFCHS gave me the name of a contact, and she came to meet me.

I know I am lucky because I have met many targeted people.  I’ve been able to talk to very intelligent and lovely individuals for hours on end about this subject and I know that I am not alone in this mental horror.

I suppose I was, or am, stalked.  I don’t know.  My eyesight is bad and I’ve never been one to notice my surroundings.  If people act weird I just think they are mentally ill or retarded, because the Government has closed all the main facilities which used to house these people and they are on the street.

I did see a man walk down the street masturbating!  I kind of thought it was funny because the penis looked kind of like a cardboard cut-out.  I also saw a driverless car but again I could see that there was some kind of barrier between my line of sight and the driver.  It was smoke and mirrors of a very exotic sort.  I don’t know if they were holograms or something else entirely.  I’ll never know. 

THE TERROR is long gone now after eight years.  I am now the person on the other end of the phone trying to reassure new people that they are not alone.  However, this goes on day after day, minute by minute, second by second.  There are no breaks.

I now have an anxiety disorder whereby I have a very hard time going out to do anything.  I end up watching TV, addicted.  I weigh only 95 lb. and I’m out of shape.  I looked young for my age even 2 years ago, but now I feel that I look old and used up.  Our perceptions are changed by these weapons, I do know that much.

I don’t know how to fight this.  I don’t know if it’s possible to get free.  I see the Doctor when necessary, and have begun the process of trying to get over the anxiety disorder by seeing a psychiatrist and going to group therapy.  I don’t have to say that I am targeted, for I am a mother with a missing child.  That kind of trumps all and is my excuse for my strange behaviour.

I have indeed thought that perhaps the stress of losing my son had made me insane.  It’s possible I suppose.  However my story is so very like every other targeted person’s story and they don’t have that kind of background.

Voice to Skull (voices in my head) or Psychotronics presents itself, in my case, as a group of very professional sounding men and perhaps one woman, asking me questions.  They go on and on.  They read my emails out loud to me and repeat any conversations I have had with people.  I have learned to live with a sort of ‘divided mind’.  It’s hard to ignore them, but sometimes it is possible. 

They have interrogated me in a very strange way and learned about my whole past.  This period took about a year to complete and was extremely difficult as the memories and the emotions would come up as well!

At other times a computerized machine called a ‘Chatterbot’ is used to take over from these teams of people, so that I’m under duress all of the time.  I can tell it’s the machine when I hear lots of repetitive phrases, but sometimes it’s hard to catch on! At times I’ve yelled in my mind ‘Agent’, just to get a real person!  Sometimes it works.  Most of the time I’d rather not deal with the real people as some of them can be cruel. 

I’ve experienced new people come on the air as if it were a microphone they were speaking into.  I’ve heard papers shuffling and an ‘awkward’ new voice saying things…horrible things!  Well, apparently that was not my particular program and I heard the other guys take him away.

We all have different programs it seems.  Some are very, very cruel.  Men seem to get it much worse than women, although I think it all evens out.

I am now used to getting comments when I go to the bathroom.  I am now used to the fact that I have no privacy whatsoever.  However they do this, and there are many theories, it’s pretty darned efficient. 

I sincerely doubt that I will ever be in a real relationship while this is going on.  I am a very private person and this constant surveillance is torture in and of itself!  One time I was washing the dishes and some guy came on the microphone and said ‘How does it feel to be on camera?’…I stopped dead in my tracks, mortified!

Well, this is only PART of my life as a targeted individual.  There is, of course, much more to tell, but I am simply writing a short testimony. 

I don’t know if I’ve managed to make the unbelievable sound somewhat believable.  If you don’t believe me, that’s good.  It means you are safe from this horror.

Detels, Renate

mind control, body control, psychotronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, electronic harassment, gang stalking, targeted individual, cybertorture, Sherri Guarnieri


Address: New Brunswick, Canada


I am a targeted individual (TI) in New Brunswick, Canada. I don’t really know, when I was first attacked. The more I think about it and talk to other people, the more I think it all started way long ago.

The obvious physical attacks started in Vancouver in 2000. This is when the poisoning started, and the electronic harassment (EH) went to a visible level. I used to think perpetrators inject me with pesticide, now I know the shallow indents are EH damage. I saw pictures on the Internet from EH victims, and they match mine.

For a long time I thought it is a personal vendetta from some Romanian people, whom I shared an apartment building of 52 units with for 4 years. They ganged up on me and made my life hell.
They poisoned everything. It still happens, but not at this level. They were ruthless. Nobody ever believed me, not my family, not my friends. In 2000 there was nothing on the Internet, so I thought it only happened to me. I had no idea that other people could go through the same torture.

In 2004 I tried to escape the situation and went to my native Germany, where I stayed the maximum allowed time, 3 years. In a very short time the criminals followed me there, and it all started again. I moved 12 times and was in 2 mental hospitals against my will. In the last one I only narrowly escaped being put away for life in a group home. Only my action of calling a judge saved me. This was luck, because the judge was not biased or bought like many are now. He took a whole hour to listen, while I set every twisted word of my statement right. At the end he asked me, which supervision I would like to live under, and I said that I don’t think I need any supervision and can very well make my own decisions. He said “yes, I think that too.” And that was that.

I am fully aware that I can be put away in Canada at the drop of a hat again. Although it should be a little more difficult, as I have learned a lot and became smarter about when to be quiet and how to play the game.

I lived in Vancouver again since 2007. I had a part time job for 2 years, then they lost the client, and my job became obsolete. Since then I had no significant job and live on disability. Of course, every time I have work, the perpetrators increase the treatment.

My biggest problem is that the perpetrators figured out, how to cut me remotely under the skin, and they are shrinking my skull and chin and other body parts. The perpetrators use us for medical and surgical experimentation and have shrunk my coccyx by half. I had it X-rayed, and my doctor told me this. They are further shrinking it. They also mutilated me in different ways, I have a Tinnitus in my right ear, and sometimes my lips are a bright dark red in the morning, and my fingernails at the top look like somebody took a bite out of it, these two symptoms point to carbon monoxide poisoning. I have a nose implant, which the Nose, Ear and Throat doctor gave me in Vancouver in 2003. It can be felt in my nose. I think that all the places they hit me every day with total precision, are places where I have implants. Once I was told to have my heart examined, and the doctor told me I have implants in my breast that make it hard to see the heart. I never had implants; these must be perpetrators implants, too. Also I can see 2 wires one cm apart around my ankles. They are visible underneath the skin. When I had the minor brain surgery to stop my facial nerve from twitching in 1997, the doctor told me that a varicose vein in my brain was banging against my facial nerve which then caused a twitching in my face. The surgeon said he wrapped Teflon felt around the vein to stop it from banging the facial nerve. Veins apparently move, when the blood pressure is rising for any reason. Because the vein is varicose and extended, it bothered the facial nerve. So now I have two black spots on my CT scan, where the Teflon felt shows, but they are like round lumps and it seems to me there is more to it than just Teflon felt. The twitching had been so bad that I could not get a job anymore, because people were appalled by my constantly twitching face.

I had been tortured with microwaves for 20 years from age 32 to 52, which gave me unbearable migraine headaches, until I had to throw up with pain, thinking about suicide to make it stop. All doctors were puzzled about these headaches, because they did not fit the pattern or “normal” migraines. I know that they were induced by microwaves.

I can be “switched off” temporarily without noticing it, or I experience a light dizziness, when I return into reality. It is hard to describe, mostly I am unaware, but confused.

Perpetrators can see what I see.

I also suffer from extreme gang stalking and Electronic Harassment attacks from street perpetrators and cars. When I try to escape and walk in back alleys in remote areas, a certain floater plane flies over my head repeatedly. I have photographed it and filmed it and put it onto the MCactivism forum.

They poison our food and shoot us with directed energy, ionizing radiation and microwaves. We shielded the house from microwaves, but they still do a lot of damage with the ionizing radiation from cars driving by on the road. I have a Geiger counter and a Microwave meter, so I know what I am talking about. I also have a Gauss meter and Trifield meter.

Meanwhile, I…don’t want to say “got used to it”, but I am more relaxed about the torture, if one ever can get relaxed, but I have come to the realization that I cannot change it. I moved away from Vancouver and live with my friend Werner Bock, who is a TI too, and many TIs know him because of his you tube video “Farmer’s Ordeal”. The perpetrators killed many of his cattle and are poisoning his land to this day. Now, they are killing our pets and killed two cats last year and one this year. Both my children and my husband were tortured with microwaves. My daughter had thin hair, losing hair, which are signs of microwave radiation. My son was found dead in a hotel in Poland, when he was 25. I don’t know what happened. I was in Canada at this time and felt bad about myself that I could not protect him. I found out, that many, many TIs have lost children under unclear and mysterious circumstances.

Faham, Firas


Address: Mississauga, ON, Canada

E-mail: fifaham@yahoo.com

I was employed by Tyco Fire and Security as senior electrical engineer and have been victim of Electronic Harassment and Targeting for whistle blowing on theft of Millions of US Dollars. As a result I lost my family, my house, my profession for long years, was defamed, wrongfully investigated, and had my life destroyed.

The community members of cities I have lived in US and Canada know my case and try to keep distance fearing they will be targeted if they sympathize with me.

My wife was forced to leave me by the OS criminals, she is my X today. Both my X and I have been exposed to the terrible electronic harassment while working at Tyco in USA, because of this whistle blowing. Harassment included microwaving and Stalking. We, my X and I, were suffering from muscle pain and torture, tiredness, headache, and at time I had severe muscle spasms and headache I never had in my life before. My X was complaining all time from muscle pain to an extent that many times she lost the ability to walk. My house and car were vandalised couple of times, many of our properties were stolen too.

It is my duty as Canadian citizen to report those crimes weather in USA or Canada, and this is what I have been actively doing for the last couple of years. We can’t let crimes continue un-questioned or un-interrupted.

Thank you for your attention.

 Sincerely yours,

Firas Faham

Filipovic, Dusan

DOB:  1979

DOD: 2019

Address: Belgrade, Serbia

E-mail of Dusan’s mother: filipovichgordana@yahoo.com

Dusan Filipovic was born in 1979, was targeted since 1986. Died (committed suicide) in 2019. He was persecuted with his whole family. According to his mother, the reason of his persecution was his disagreement with the nationalist policy of the dictatorial authorities, especially since the beginning of the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. Perpetrators attempted to suppress freedom of his speech and opinions.

He was long employed in audit firms, had no criminal record, he was honest, especially when it came to money. After the death of his father, grandfather and grandmother, he inherited enough to live carefree. He was a fan of the Partizan club, which was not under the control of the Serbian authorities. He was known for charitable donations for treatment of sick children.

The persecution of Dusan became terrible in 2012, when the same people, who ruled Serbia in 1991 – 2000, came back to power. Dusan confessed to his mother that return of nationalist forces in 2012 was real hell for him. His health was destroyed by sleep deprivation. He saw a psychiatrist since 2012, however, he never talked about “hearing voices”. His last four years were creepy, when he was tortured to death and forced to commit suicide.

His mother is sure that a reason for his murder was the fact that he was against president Vucic. It was written on his Facebook page: “Not my president, not my country”. In February 2017, his mother was warned by “hearing voices” that perpetrators would shoot Dusan in the head, if he showed up at the demonstrations. The owner of that voice introduced himself as Andrej Vucic, the president’s brother. There were many special remarks regarding this family on Dusan’s Facebook profile that could have seriously harmed him, and his mother warned him that he should be careful, that they could kill him. Dusan’s answer was: “Let them kill. It is necessary to do everything for liberty, even lose life. You forget you come from a family that fought against Nazism”.

Dusan told his mother a day before his suicide – “I can’t bear that any more…”, “can’t you see I’ m done”? He jumped from the fifth floor of the building, where he lived. His mother has no doubt that it was a crime, because she had the same experience. On the 30th June 2003, she was being persuaded by “voices” to jump from the fifth floor of a building right across of the side entrance of the U.S. Embassy, where she had lived with her family for 17 years. Voices told her that night: “Jump, so we‘ll accuse the Americans!”

Mother of Dusan can not believe that Dusan’s death is real. She can not understand, how it was possible for criminals in power to kill her son, who lived in Serbia before their eyes for 34 years. It is hard for her to realize that people in her country do nothing in protest and solidarity with Dusan.

Grigorenko, Olga

mind control, body control, psychotronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, electronic harassment, gang stalking, targeted individual, cybertorture, Sherri Guarnierimind control, body control, psychotronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, electronic harassment, gang stalking, targeted individual, cybertorture, Sherri Guarnieri, Galina Kurdina

DOB: 1990

Address: Moscow, Russia

E-mail: 5555-90@mail.ru

I have been a victim of mind control experiments since late 2018 or early 2019. By now (August 2022), total body control and severe personality oppression has been achieved.

Physical and physiological effects. Since 2019, various kinds of physiological problems and illnesses have begun one by one: unnatural awakening at night, regular pressure rise, inflammation of lymph nodes, muscle twitching, severe strokes in the solar plexus, swollen veins, strong vibrations throughout the body, etc. In a short period of time, cysts began to form that I had not had before: in my pineal gland, tonsils, thyroid gland, etc. Ulcers formed on my head and mucous membranes of my nose and mouth. From 2020, manipulation of individual body parts began, from arms and feet to full control of the movement of the limbs, neck, torso, and facial muscles. The body systems – gastrointestinal, lymphatic, respiratory, genitourinary, circulatory, etc. – also began to be controlled from the outside. For example, they can heat any parts of the body, disrupt the rhythm of breathing, cause sudden vomiting, disrupt the gait, etc.

Mental Impact. At the same time, there is an impact on the conscious and subconscious mind. During the first 3 years, various feelings and reactions (fear, sadness, happiness, irritation, etc.) were provoked, decision-making patterns (volitional and value component of the personality), interests, desires, memory were studied. Artificial dreams were induced. The techniques of neuro-linguistic programming were also used. This happened in the following way: criminals made me wake up at night (at 1 a.m. or about 4 a.m.) and in a half-asleep state they implanted thoughts and mental images about committing suicide, insanity, possible harming people; in the afternoon of the same day they repeated the content, but already with pictures, signs, special words, so to speak, fixed thoughts or created new neural connections. It is important to note that I had no such thoughts before, because all these thoughts are sinful and immoral in my system of values.

So, all the neural impulses and connections were remotely scanned, recorded – thus creating a digital copy, or brain map. This then allows them (“brain hackers”) full control over the body and mind, using the method of reverse engineering. Moreover, this system allows to reprogram and transform my personality in the way perpetrators want.

Currently my body and consciousness work as if on “autopilot”: the system controls the movements of my arms, legs, eyes, mouth, and head; it also controls thinking and speech apparatus (decisions can be made without awareness, artificially induced thoughts are based on my past life experience, phrases, which are not my thoughts, are uttered); will is blocked; “inner voice” is replaced by the work of artificial intelligence; emotions and feelings can also be blocked or activated not according to the situation (do not let me cry, when it hurts, or, on the contrary, make me smile at a time, when I would normally be sympathetic). So, unfortunately, I am not able to be fully responsible for my speech, emotions and actions.

This is similar to the process of robotizing a person. The steps in this process could be as follows:

  1. Scanning and uploading a person’s DNA (as individual as fingerprints) into a computer.
  2. Collecting personal information (physical, physiological, and mental)
  3. Creating a complete personal digital copy (like a digital clone)
  4. Manipulating the mind and body to fully synchronize the person and the digital clone (using nanotechnology implanted into the person’s neural network or elsewhere)
  5. Transformation of the person into a biorobot, controlled by a system with AI (this means that the human completely loses his or her will).

As for the technologies used to control the human mind, this information is quite open – there are patents, scientific papers, news reports, etc. However, technology is becoming more and more advanced, and it is difficult to determine exactly which technology is being used for each individual.

I found some words in the writings of people, who have been subjected to torture: “If it’s unbelievable to you, then you are a lucky person, because you don’t know all this inhuman horror of mind control experimentation and cyber-torture.”

King, Nyki


Address: Verdun, Quebec, Canada

E-mail:  nver4got10@yahoo.com

Hello, my name is Nyki Lindsay King, I am a songwriter from Montreal.

My Targeting began in 2017, but I’ve been targeted longer than anticipated.

I guess if I am looking back I can say my first attack was in my 2003 Chrysler in 2012. On my way to work on the 13 north my car randomly spun out of control, and I did a few 360’s pushing towards a concrete beam. At that point in time I didn’t understand what happened. Now I know that my life has been at risk since early 2000’s. In 2016 My 2009 Tucson was stolen and found on a nearby street. I had to change all the electrical lining, and also somebody was in my place as things were misplaced and missing.

In 2017 I lost my license, and I think that’s when things started to look grim. I noticed leaving my apartment that somebody was always leaving at the same time on a different street or around the area. Cars would stop in front of my home 24/7, and the city played a role in that, putting up cones and flashing their light inside my place. This happened on many occasions, but still didn’t understand it.

In 2017 I and my ex separated, but we were still living together. I noticed every time she would leave this sort of thing would start to happen in patterns. I eventually left my apartment and all my stuff with her there in it and slept outside. I had my truck at work on the grounds, so I wouldn’t get a ticket for driving without my license, so I slept there a few nights, and other nights I would just ride the buses, until I noticed that public transportation was after me. Almost everyone with a cellphone would look at me, start typing and give me an odd look. With the amount of people involved it felt like the world was after me. I still didn’t know what was going on. I ran to a downtown building and saw a lady outside telling her that people are trying to kill me. Her response was: “Do you believe in God?”  I said “yes”, and she then again replied: “Then don’t worry about it.” All calm. She then asked if I smoked, and I said “yes“ as she opened her pack, she had one cigarette, she offered to share with me. I reflect back as she was so calm and collective, could she be an angel.

Days later I tried to get a job. Don’t ask me why, but somebody ended up there threatening me. I left ASAP.

A few days later I tried to leave by Greyhound to go to Toronto, but individuals would meet up there and have tickets to board. Everyone seemed to have an arm on them. I asked the guards about people boarding with guns, and they said they didn’t have to check until Ottawa. Waiting out different busses and days, nothing changed. I asked for a refund and they would only change my ticket date.  Nights later I walked to Beaconsfield, and my friend offered to drive me to Cornwall being followed by 3 cars. Somehow my friend couldn’t notice. It seems only you know, what’s going on, and everyone is blind. When I got there at 9:30, the city was like dead. I said drive me back. In-between now sleeping in a motel for a night here and there and bussing all night I tried to get to my mom’s. I was stuck in Lionel Groulx for 5 hours with perps trying to get me out of the metro, outside was a police car and ambulance like my death was being planned. I saw Mormons and went and told them: “People are trying to kill me.” They were a bit nervous, but I stayed with them for the time being.

I made it to my mother’s place, and in-between that time people were stalking me, watching me, crank calling.

One individual came by and said: “WE HAVE LOTS OF GUNS.” I called the police, and when they came they asked me, if I wanted to go to a mental hospital. I said I could use a sedative, then they brought me to The Douglas. As soon as I got there, they locked me in. No questions asked. I said I has a bus to catch the next day, and the doctor smiled and said: “No, you can’t leave.” I was offered a cigarette, and then they said I couldn’t have one, but then changed their mind again and let me go with 3 men. I escaped, ran so hard, and these guys were in a car. I was told that if I didn’t turn myself in, they were going to put a picture in the Gazette. That’s when I questioned what this was. Then the police said I had a week to see a doctor, or their coming to arrest me. So I found a doctor at St Mary’s and called them, they were still persistent to bring me into the Douglas. I found a female friend and hung out with her for a few months. The targeting started at her place.  Crank calls same. In-between that time I was at my mother’s place one night, and a guy knocked on the wall. As I looked through the peep hole I saw another guy with a mask and an assault rifle and a car full of people outside. Now this got my attention. I didn’t call the police this time, I wanted to see what they wanted to accomplish. After hours passed I saw the same individuals leaving like they just finished work.

Another few attempts in my mother’s building, where I’ve noticed 20 year olds entering the building in attempts to assassinate me. I overheard one of the teens saying: “I never did anything like this before”, and the man replied: “It’s For the Government.”

I was very nervous and left that morning. In regards to the electronic recordings and pictures of perps: somebody stole my phone from my mother’s apartment, when I left. There’s been many attempts at people trying to do things to me illegally, and from place to place the stories always change. One perp said it was because I had sexual relations with a minor. I heard that’s a common slander allegation. And then there are others, they push on people to make them believe you are this animal roaming around, when you are clearly innocent.

I’ve called the Police over 8-10 times, and they said they are going to admit me, if I call again. Also called the RCMP, and they said: “Report to your local police department.”

I’ve messaged over 13 different places that deal with Human Trafficking, because that’s basically what Gang stalking is (or Organized Stalking, same thing).

In Definition: Human Trafficking Organized criminal networks, as well as individuals, perpetrate this crime, operating within Canada’s borders and internationally. Traffickers reap large profits while robbing victims of their freedom, dignity and human potential at great cost to the individual and society at large. Traffickers control their victims in various ways such as taking away their identity documents and passports, sexual abuse, threats, intimidation, physical violence, and isolation.

The power has also been cut everywhere I’ve been, and ambulances always scurrying the area, if I make a video on YouTube. I’ve been living at 5-6 different places, and all of them the power was cut, and all had different type of assassination attempts, and the worst part is that my family is blinded to these issues.

Insulting my integrity is frustrating, and thinking medication can work on the Godly. That’s a tough task, but we still have to swallow it all and be faced with a monitored life hidden from everyone else.

My Electromagnetic attacks were so bad at times, I literally wanted to attack some of the perps, but it’s a catch-22, they’re going to just say that I’m crazy. And if I do nothing, I have to put up with it.

I’m not suicidal or depressed, I’M FRUSTRATED.  My human rights and privacy is being breeched, and there are many across the globe, who are affected, and the people, who swore on a declaration of Oath, are the same ones, turning a blind eye.

I believe, if you educate yourself, it’s a crime, because it seems they want you to be dumbfounded, and if you’re not, you’re a threat. Then they want to make you disappear in an accident or random terror act, because of what you know and what you believe in.

All TI’s have to stick together. Fight, fight, fight. Make YouTube videos. Open up. Don’t hide and isolate yourself. I know it’s not easy, but get small amounts of courage to do certain things that you need to. I didn’t say hang out, just do, what you need to, and keep it simple. Isolation is the game changer. United we fly, divided we die.

I believe all TI’s should live together in a bigger space. Once you’re a target, your life is different. Things change, and that requires changes.

Kurdina Galina

DOB:  25th July, 1959

Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

E-mail:   helenkurdin@yahoo.ca

About my background. My name is Galina  Kurdina. I was born in Russia in 1959. I graduated from a university and worked as a leading software developer in many companies in Russia, including Saving Bank. In several companies, where I worked full time, I was the only programmer. I worked as an Information Technology consultant for other companies in parallel with my full-time jobs. I had more than 15 years of experience in full software life cycle development: from business analysis to testing and maintenance of application suites. I and my son emigrated from Russia to Canada in February 2004. I arrived in Canada in good health, my IQ was 145. Since my arrival, I have been involved in a cruel experiment with psyche (especially from the beginning of January, 2006). In Canada, I became a victim of Psychotronic (mind control) weapons and an officially disabled person because of it. It is not a clinical trial, I did not sign any consent forms, and I want to be excluded from this experimentation.

Symptoms of mind control. I have experienced the following symptoms of mind control effects since January, 2006. I may say that I developed all these symptoms during several hours:

1). Debilitation of mental acuity, disruption of ability to concentrate and think on my own, constant induced thoughts.

2). Loss of memory and knowledge: I often cannot remember what I did or was going to do 1-2 seconds ago (sometimes, perpetrators remind me about it, sometimes they do not remind, and memory is gone for ever). I may say that I live without my memory.

3). Constant induced feelings, emotions, sensations. Feeling of living in an unreal world, as if I take drugs.

4). Receiving visual images and sounds (including torture with intense loud voices and noise).

5). Induced actions and memory deletion of them later. I experience pressure on top of my head from above, which brings me into a hypnotic state. I experience pressure on the forehead, which makes it impossible to concentrate and think on my own. I get a non-stop stream of words, commands, impulses, pictures. My attention is drawn to this non-stop stream very much. I am manipulated in this state 24/7, like a computer device, compelled to say or do something that I do not want to say or to do. Decisions are made artificially. I experience forced speech, involuntary body movements, induced actions, change of facial expressions, tone and pitch of the voice, artificial change of emotions and desires, artificial laughter and tears, artificial sensations, including hunger.

6). Inadequate states, which I had never previously experienced (for example, depression or obsessive desires).

7). Deciphering memories and mind reading.

8). Sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep. I am tortured with insomnia. Perpetrators stimulate me so much at night time that I cannot stay in bed. As usual, I sleep 2-3 hours at night, but sometimes, rarely, they make a break and let me sleep 9-10 hours at night time.

9). Heart attacks, artificial pain in any part of my body, for example, headaches, cramps in muscles (especially at night time), blurred vision, light sensitivity, sensitivity to noise, deterioration in speech, loss of balance and coordination of movements, extreme dizziness, fatigue, exhaustion, disorientation, irritability and nervousness, and other symptoms.

10). Perpetrators can manipulate any organ in my body and force me to urinate, defecate or vomit.

11). I had a lot of skin damages, because of the electromagnetic effects upon me: perpetrators burnt skin on my face, I had horrible ulcers all over my body for at least 2 years, and 4 doctors (my family doctor, 2 dermatologists and a doctor from Tropical Disease Clinic in University of Toronto) were unable to form a diagnosis. One dermatologist just said to me that these ulcers were out of area of her expertise. Sometimes, I experience enormous itching. Massive amounts of hair fell out during 1-2 months in summer 2016.

Level of constant mind control effects upon me is extreme.

Let me tell you a bit more about my life in Canada. There was a job crisis in Canada in 2004, when we came here: it was impossible to get an IT job in Canada without Canadian experience, and I decided to get Canadian education first. Nobody said to me, what kind of courses I had to take in order to get a job in IT field in Canada, and I took several courses without coop semesters in 2004-2005. Unfortunately, these courses without coop semesters (job placement) were useless. I volunteered in order to get a job in 2004-2005.

We rented a room at 98, Goulding Avenue, North York, ON, when we came to Canada in February, 2004. In May, 2004, Chinese people, Robert and May Huang, bought this house at 98, Goulding Avenue, where we lived. They made a renovation of a basement during summer 2004 and sold this house in autumn of the same year. We did not want to stay in this house, and they offered us to move with them to their new house in Scarborough. In December, 2004 they decided to renovate a basement in their new house as well, and we had to relocate one more time. May and Robert Huang found a new apartment for us at 73, Mossbrook Cres., Scarborough, ON. That was how we got there in January, 2005. We rented this basement apartment till October 2006. I am sure that another tenant and friend of new landlords Lei Chen carried out these fascist experiments with psyche. This “Doctor Mengele” arrived at 73 Mossbrook Cres., Scarborough in March 2005 and started assaults upon me and my family. The landlords’ son, Yu Xiong Li (his English name was Charles Li), said to me that Lei Chen had worked for Chinese government for 10 years. I began to feel unwell and move my bed at night time in August 2005. I experienced loss of memory (e.g., especially when I took exams or job interviews. At the end of sentences in tasks, I could not remember what I had read at the beginning of these sentences).

I think that I was implanted with nano materials during one day examination with full anesthesia (it was a gastrological procedure) in a polyclinic at 4646 Dufferin Street in Toronto, at the end of December, 2005. We called this policlinic Jewish, since most of doctors and patients there were of Jewish origin. Dr. Sara Pliamm, who was my family doctor until January, 2006, referred me to this surgery. I am sure that Doctor Sara Pliamm was aware of these experiments upon me. I claim that Dr. Sara Pliamm fraudulently obtained my permission to disclose medical data to other doctors in 2005; she did not explain to me the purpose of this disclosure. I signed this paper, because I thought that if anything had happened to me and Sara simultaneously, Sara’s children Naomi and Lew (family doctors in the same polyclinic at 4646 Dufferin Street, Toronto) would have helped me. I have never given a permission to disclose my medical data for these experiments with psyche. Her daughter Dr. Naomi Pliamm reviewed my medical history and chart. Dr. Sara Pliamm said that she had found two references for me, made by Naomi Pliamm, in my medical file and showed them to me at the end of 2005 year. The references were regarding problems with throat and bones. Sara Pliamm asked whether I had contacted Naomi Pliamm before, and I answered that I had never booked appointments with Naomi and never seen her for any medical reasons. Dr. Sara Pliamm told me to set appointments with two doctors in the Policlinic at 4646 Dufferin Street because of these references. She said to me to cancel these appointments later, but she did not say that these references were made for somebody else and put in my file by mistake. These references were made for me, they had name “Galina Kurdina”. But the main thing was that at the beginning of the 2006 Jews started following and openly watching me in this polyclinic. When I saw Sara Pliamm in January 2006, it was clear for me that she disclosed my data to some people, whom she knew, and she discussed it with them and knew the purpose of these experiments. She said to me at the beginning of an appointment in January 2006: “Do not think of any silly things”. It was not an answer to my question, she just advised me not to think about stupid things.

Several people, who spoke Russian, joined Lei Chen at 73 Mossbrook Crescent in Scarborough in January 2006. I heard their activity and voices, and saw their faces in the house from January, 2006 to March, 2006. I never heard Russian speech and saw only people of Chinese origin in this house before January, 2006 and after March, 2006. Since January 2006, I saw Lei Chen in several situations that directly pointed to his involvement in the events that I describe. Furthermore, activities and speech that I heard on the main floor of that house matched 100% what I received through microwave hearing (microwave hearing means voices in my head). For example, in the middle of January 2006 perpetrators said to me by means of microwave hearing to go out and meet a person in front of the house. I went out and saw Lei Chen, he went out too and stood on the porch, waited for me. There was nobody else in the street. I used a perfume “Chanel N5”, and I heard that somebody had said on the main floor before I went out: “Is Chanel N5 OK for you?” There were a lot of similar situations.

At the end of 2005 or beginning of 2006, I remember that perpetrators forced me to take a sit on a bench in downtown Toronto. I hardly remember, what happened after that, however, I remember that my head began to quickly turn from side to side or spin. This lasted for several minutes, and I felt as if I was drunk or drugged after that.

On the 13th of January, 2006, I got a trauma of the forehead and left temple: I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my forehead. My speech was deteriorated after that; I saw bloody letters in books and did not understand meaning of well-known Russian and English words, when I was trying to read. I heard laughter and Russian speech on the main floor of the house after the trauma: “She is looking at the book. She is trying to find out whether she can read or not.”

On the 21st of January, 2006, experimenters offered (by means of microwave hearing) to undergo a procedure that could have helped me. I felt some movements inside my head (as if little balls bounced on my forehead, temples and from temples to the crown of my head simultaneously and symmetrically; after that, balls bounced in the middle of my head from the forehead to the top; after that beams crossed lines on my forehead, temples, crown from inside simultaneously and symmetrically). It temporarily improved my state, but I still read with difficulties. They offered (by means of microwave hearing) another procedure in February, 2006. It resembled acupuncture on my left temple, and almost restored my health (I was able to read and understand as I did before). At the end of February 2006, I went to Ottawa and reported about this crime in an office of United Nations Organization and to the Ministry of Health. I came back home from Ottawa at the beginning of March 2006, and perpetrators said to me that I came back home from Ottawa at the beginning of March 2006, and perpetrators said to me that they had included me in the most extreme phase of this experiment and were going to create a hybrid of a computer and a human being in order to suppress my will and manipulate me as a bio robot. They said that they did it, because I did not obey their commands, went to hospitals, doctors, reported about this crime to the United Nations Office in Ottawa etc. I started experiencing severe headaches, hard pressure on my head, heavy waves from the top to the bottom of the head and from the bottom to the top of it. When I experienced heavy waves, I lost memory, was not able to remember what I had read and studied, did not accumulate knowledge and experience. When I experienced pressure on forehead, temples, eyes and ears, I was unable to focus, think on my own, read and understand meaning of sentences, analyze and make my own decisions, speak properly, I lost coordination of movements, felt dizzy. Perpetrators substituted their thoughts and emotions for my own and made me perceive them as if they were mine, sometimes I was not able to distinguish their thoughts and mine. Criminals scanned me so intensively that I almost fainted. If the perpetrators had treated the trauma of the left temple as it was on the 21st of January and in February 2006, they, most probably, would have cured it, but they scanned and pressed my head enormously, damaged my brain, tortured and manipulated me instead of treatment, since they did not want to cure me, they wanted to create and debug technologies of transforming alive people into bio robots.

They have methods and tools to decipher information from my memory from my childhood.

They get all my sensations: they see what I see, smell what I smell, hear what I hear. I am a walking camera for perpetrators.

Under this influence, I can get artificial feelings, for example, I may feel absolutely happy and satisfied in a trouble situation. Sometimes I feel as if I’m taking drugs. Criminals put me in strange malicious states, which I have never experienced before, and comment these states. They may say to me: “This is state of neurosis”, or ”This is state of maniac depression”, or “This is state of psychosis”, or “This is obsessive-compulsive disorder”. They often deliberately send me obsessive desires: for example, make me touch skin of my face or touch my hair.

I can exchange information with perpetrators like over a cell phone: they often remind me where I left my stuff, send me translations from Russian to English, so I do not have to open dictionaries, suggest, what to buy and what not to buy. I get words and phrases from them, for example: “We will destroy your health and health of your son”, “You and your son can be killed.”, “You will never be excluded from this experiment”, “You cannot leave this country”, “We are not interested in your employment. You must stay at home and obey our commands; our aim is the experiment on your brain”, “A whole group of people is engaged in this experiment, and they do not want to retreat: too much money is invested.” When I try to read professional literature, I hear: ”You do not understand what you are reading, you do not remember anything, you are very tired and want to sleep. You do not have a desire to study.” It can last for hours, making impossible to understand what I read and to get ready for the interviews. I was tortured with loud voices for two days in the middle of January, 2006, and I had pain in the ears because of the extremely intensive non-stop malicious idle talk. Perpetrators sent sharp pain with their every word in 2006-2008 years. It was literally a military torture. There was one moment when perpetrators talked to me as usual, by means of microwave hearing, but something happened, and this talk began to sound loudly in the room. They pronounced several phrases this way, by means of microwave hearing and by means of acoustic waves simultaneously.

This influence may affect all internal body organs: heart, stomach, ovary, bladder, sphincter and so on. It can move every muscle of every part of the body: mouth, tongue, hands, legs. It induces involuntary body movements, forced speech and actions. It can easily change expression of the face, tone and pitch of the voice

This influence damages my health, violates privacy; it inhibits mental abilities and can develop mental diseases.

Criminals torture me with insomnia almost every night.

Somebody sprays brown liquid in my apartment, when I am out. I see brown or dark yellow drops on my walls, furniture, curtains, when I come home.

This may be called a total mind and body control.

Perpetrators use fascist methods: they make me obey their commands and cause excruciating pain, if I refuse to execute them. They have asked me several times since January, 2006 whether I wanted to work for RCMP as a “guinea pig” in these experiments for 25000 CAD per year. I refused every time.

Technology of handing me over for experiments:

  • Somebody wrote false denunciations against me
  • Canadian police or Intelligence started an investigation
  • Doctors Pliamm passed my medical data to police or intelligence
  • Perpetrators implanted me with nano materials during one day examination in a policlinic at 4646 Dufferin Street, Toronto at the end of 2005
  • Canadian police or Intelligence discovered that Chinese effected and experimented on our family, seized their technology (I heard their voices on the main floor of house at 73 Mossbrook Cres.: “Miracle, miracle”)
  • Canadian police or Intelligence did not stop these experiments upon us, but joined Chinese and sold us for these cruel experiments with psyche
  • Perpetrators scanned me and deciphered information from my brain, found out that I did not commit any crimes, did not collaborate with any Intelligence service and KGB, that I was absolutely defenceless. I can say that they did not ask me any serious questions regarding KGB, it was evident for them that I never worked for it
  • On the 13th of January, 2006 they inflicted serious trauma of the left temple
  • After trauma, perpetrators threatened to kill me, make me insane, deprived of sleep, tortured with very intensive idle talk and loud voices, offered me to work for RCMP as a guinea pig for $25’000 per year, told me that my son was involved in these experiments too, just he was affected differently. When they threatened to kill me or stimulated genitals, I went out at night time and walked along the streets. There were several real attempts to kill me in 2006.
  • Perpetrators started the extreme part of this experiment in March, 2006: deleted my memory and transformed me into a bio robot.

I am absolutely sure that I am still alive, because many people with contradictory aims, goals, and purposes take part in this criminal experiment. Perpetrators say to me: “Many people, so called operators, take part in our game. Some of them are employees of Canadian and Chinese medical companies. Canadian Intelligence Service knows of it, but does nothing”.

At the beginning of 2006, a brain exam detected a tiny round 5 mm low T1W and high T2W signal intensity in my pineal gland. I would like to remove it.

I was unable to look for a job and had to suspend my participation in an employment placement program “Gateway cafe” at the beginning of February, 2006.

I reported about this crime (including names of suspects) to Toronto police for the first time at the beginning of 2006. I did not know anything about mind control experiments and Psychotronic Weapons at that time; that was why I used words “radiation”, “radiated”, when I talked to them. Police directed me to medical doctors and refused to start investigation.

I was falsely diagnosed with psychosis by psychiatrist Dr. Gratzer and delusional disorder by psychiatrist Dr. Dief in June, 2006.

In autumn 2006, I opened a box for letters at 73 Mossbrook Cres, and found a letter for Lei Chen from the Ontario Institute for studies in education. It was clear that he was legalized in Canada in 2006, studied at the University of Toronto and had some contacts in this Ontario Institute for studies in education.

On the 18th of September 2006, I walked on foot in the evening and lost my watch (I cannot remember at all, how it happened). I said to perpetrators about it next day, the 19th of September, in the morning. When I was returning from Seneca College on the 19th of September about 4 p.m., I found the same watch, but absolutely new, in front of 73 Mossbrook Cres, where I lived at that moment. It was really brand new: its inside surface was not worn out, and there were all sections in the bracelet (when I bought the first watch in the spring 2004 in the CenterPoint Mall at the intersection of Steeles and Yongue in Toronto, I asked to remove one section, because a standard bracelet was too large for me). It proves that perpetrators lived in Toronto and attacked me there in 2006. It proves that it was perfectly possible for police or RCMP to start an investigation and find them, but they did nothing. It proves that the Toronto police, RCMP and Canadian Government sanctioned and covered these crimes, that’s why they are completely responsible for them.

The experiments with my psyche were used to sabotage my studying in Seneca College in 2006-2007, daily co-op job routines and efforts to find a job, since criminals needed human subjects for extreme experiments with psyche; the perpetrators prevented me from finding and securing a job. I graduated from Seneca College in August 2007 and started a co-op job in a bank in September 2007. I was affected by intensive idle talk, hypnotic states and manipulations from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. to such an extent that I began to work only after 5 P.M. every day during the co-op semester. I applied for disability determination, since I was being attacked all the time, 24/7, and not able to secure any job. I have received disability income support since October, 2008.

Experimenters brought me in a grave hypnotic state, when I was going along a bridge on McNichol in 2008, manipulated me and sent an obsessive desire to jump down from this bridge. People can commit suicide in such states. It is true.

I was diagnosed with delusional disorder by psychologist Dr. Richard Berry in March, 2009.

In 2009, I managed to find an American toxicologist, who provided me with her expert opinion that I am a victim of specific electromagnetic and radio frequency effects, which react with advanced nano materials in my system. These nano materials are used as RFID meu chips to send signals to my body. In 2009, I managed to find several American psychologists, who prepared reports for me that I am a sane person without any signs of psychiatric disease, who developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of Directed Energy (Psychotronic) attacks. I managed to find a private investigator, who confirmed these conclusions that I am a victim of mind control attacks.

I told the psychiatrists Doctors Dief and Gratzer and the psychologist Dr. Berry that I was a victim of Psychotronic (mind control) Weapons, sent letters to them, sent Statements of disagreement, filed a complaint with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario in order to cancel these diagnoses, provided them with literature about Psychotronic Weapons. I provided them with all expert opinions that I was a victim of mind and body control effects. Doctors refused to cancel their inappropriate diagnoses. If these diagnoses are right, the psychosis and delusional disorder are the consequence of the influence of electromagnetic energy and Psychotronic Weapons, since the crudest forms of the Psychotronic Weapon attacks could be used to distract individuals, but I am convinced that I have been sane so far, and psychiatric diagnoses are false. I also claim health damage of other kinds as a consequence of electromagnetic energy and Psychotronic Weapon attacks: trauma of left temple, debilitation of mental acuity, disruption of ability to concentrate and think on my own, loss of memory and skills. I have arrived at Canada in perfect health in February, 2004.  My IQ was 145. My family does not have any history of psychiatric diseases. I was almost 47 years old, when I was labelled with psychosis and delusional disorder. I led a normal and healthy life before the beginning of these experiments: I did not drink, smoke, abuse drugs.

I started the second job in fall 2016 and lost it in July 2019, mainly because of the severe mind control effects upon me. Electromagnetic waves affect my crown, forehead, temples. I experience pressure on my head, cannot focus and think on my own, my memory is constantly deleted. Perpetrators send me nonstop stream of inadequate thoughts, emotions, voices, visions, impulses and manipulate me as if I am a computer device. I experience severe sleep deprivation.

A little bit more about my political activities. I contacted the Ministry of Health in Ottawa, the United Nations Office in Ottawa, went to the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Department, visited Member of Provincial Parliament for Don Valley East David Caplan. Actually, I met many Canadian politicians in person. I submitted a Petition against misuse of Psychotronic (mind control) Weapons to Member of Parliament Mr. John McKay. On the 23 of November, 2011 the Petition was presented (tabled) in the House of Commons in Ottawa, its number was 411-0188. More than 1000 signatures for the Petition were collected by the Organization of victims of Psychotronic (mind control) Weapons in Canada. The answer of the Canadian Government: “The Government takes note of the Petitioners’ concerns; however, the Government has no information on any such activities.” I sent the Petition with signatures and the answer of the Canadian Government to the Human Rights Committee of UN by a registered letter on the 28th of March, 2012. UN received and confirmed it, but did not answer. My comrades and I collected more than 3000 signatures for the second Petition against misuse of Psychotronic (mind control) Weapons. Member of Parliament Mr. John McKay tabled this petition on the May 3, 2018. Its number was 421-02313. I have received the second almost identical answer from the Canadian Government that it takes notes of the Petitioners’ concerns, but has no information on any such activities. I wrote numerous letters to the Canadian Government, its associates, Canadian newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and all over the world. I and my comrades regularly protest against misuse of Psychotronic weapons in Toronto.

About my lawsuits. I went to the Scarborough Criminal Court and told them about this crime, they directed me to the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. I filed statements of claim against the Toronto Police Services Board, RCMP, Lei Chen and landlord Renxian Li, Doctors Pliamm, psychiatrists Dr. Dief, Dr. Gratzer and psychologist Dr. Berry with the Superior Court of Justice. I filed a complaint against Dr. Berry with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. I filed a complaint against the Toronto Police Services with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

All my actions were dismissed.

Justice Romaine Pitt dismissed my lawsuit against the Toronto Police Services, RCMP, Lei Chen, Rengxian Li and Doctors Pliamm, because he neglected noting in default of Lei Chen and Rengxian Li.

Justices Perell and Perkins dismissed my lawsuits against psychiatrists Drs. Dief and Gratzer, because they did not want to take into consideration expert medical opinions from psychologists Spanier, Steiner and Meyers that I was a victim of Psychotronic weapons and showed no evidence of any kind of Psychotic disorder, but developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of mind control effects and wrong psychiatric diagnoses. They demanded expert medical opinions from psychiatrists in Ontario, regarding negligence of Drs Dief and Gratzer. It was wrong, since psychologists can form psychiatric diagnoses and diagnostic system for psychiatrists and psychologists is the same that is why they have the same standards of diagnoses as psychiatrists and are qualified to opine their diagnoses. My lawsuits against Drs. Dief and Gratzer were dismissed, because I could not find a psychiatrist in Ontario, who agreed to write an expert medical report for these lawsuits. All psychiatrists, to whom I was referred by my physician, refused to see me, and my family doctor Maged Ibrahim refused to refer me anymore, because these referrals took too much of his time.

Master Thomas R. Hawkins did not let me examine Constable Corbie from the 33 division of Toronto Police Service and get proofs of the Toronto police negligence (Corbie confessed to me that he experienced noises and sounds in his head at my place on the 6th of February 2008). Psychotronic Weapons attacks and negligence of the police might have been be proved in court, if Constables Corbie and Khan had been put on oath and testified microwave hearing in my room on 6th of February, 2008.  I tried to examine Constable Corbie for my actions against psychiatrists Doctors Dief and Gratzer in the Superior Court of Justice. At the first motion, it was said to examine Constable Corbie orally. I called Constable Corbie and asked to set date and time, comfortable for him to come to a reporting service and be examined orally before a pending motion. He refused to be examined and said that I should not come to the 33 Division of the Toronto Police Services with any court documents for him. I brought another motion to examine him by means of written questions, since there was no way to examine him orally. Mr. Robin Squire, a lawyer for the Toronto Police Services Board, said to Master Hawkins at the motion against Dr. Gratzer on the 19th of May, 2009, “If Plaintiff examines Constable Corbie, she will get a proof of the police negligence”. Furthermore, Mr. Robin Squire asked Master Hawkins not to mention these words in the transcript of the motion. I repeated these words of Mr. Squire in the Court of Appeal on the 15th of December 2009, where I asked to send the case back to the Superior Court of Justice and let me examine Constable Corbie. Mr Robin Squire was at this appeal hearing and heard my words, but did not object what I reported to the Appeal court about his words at the motion on the 19th of May, 2009. I ordered a transcript of this motion in the Superior Court of Justice and I was unable to find this phrase of Robin Squire “If Plaintiff examines Constable Corbie, she will get a proof of the police negligence”. It disappeared from the transcript. Master Hawkins did exactly what Mr. Robin Squire requested him to do.

About my struggle with police and RCMP. I have reported more than 10 times to the Toronto Police Services, provided them with my symptoms and names of the suspects (Lei Chen and family of landlords at 73, Mossbrook Cres., Scarborough). First and second time I reported to the Police Division N 41 in January, 2006. Both times police officers sent me to doctors and refused to start investigation. I reported to the Police Division N 52 and said to them name of the suspect, Lei Chen, but police officers refused to investigate. I reported to Police division N 33 and talked to a police officer Thompson on the 29 of December, 2006, told him my story and provided him with the name of the suspect Lei Chen. He refused to start investigation and suggested to go to a doctor. I reported to Police Division N 33 and talked to police officers Castle and Nicholas on the 16th of December, 2007. I told them name of the suspect Lei Chen, but they refused to investigate. Officers Castle and Nicholas offered to give me a lift to the Scarborough Grace Hospital to a psychiatrist. During the ride to the Scarborough Grace Hospital, Police officer Castle asked me twice: “What do you think, what government affects you? May be Russian?” I answered that I believed it was the Canadian Government (at least, it sanctioned all these attacks and possibly employed organized criminals), because police, RCMP and other Government structures had been aware of these experiments since January 2006, but did not start investigation, despite the fact that the experimenters lived and visited the house at 73 Mossbrook Cres, Scarborough, where I rented an apartment, and I heard their Russian speech, saw their faces and reported it to the police and RCMP with the names of the suspects. Furthermore, the Government of Canada has a history of abuse that results in disease and premature death of people. Police officer Constable Corbie from the 33 division came to my apartment on the 6th of February 2008 and witnessed microwave hearing (he heard sounds in his head at my place as well). I talked to the police officer Gottschalk in the 33 Division on the 24th of April, 2008. He created a file in their computer system. It was done two years and three months after the first report to the police division N 41 of Toronto in January 2006. I and my landlord reported to the police division N33 (officer Gottschalk) that I recorded more than 200 volts/meter for radio frequency 10 MHZ (and other frequencies) many times, but nothing has changed so far. On the 20 of June 2012, I reported that I was under Psychotronic (mind control) influence to Mr. Sheldon from Mobile Crisis Program and police officer Eyden (# 9235) from the 43 Division of the Toronto Police, who came to my place. Eyden said to me that she did not know and did not understand anything in Electromagnetic Weapons, furthermore, she told that police do not investigate crimes, committed by electromagnetic weapons. She insisted that an assault by means of electromagnetic weapons is not an assault at all. She did not want to listen, interrupted me and said that she did not want to hear my symptoms and extracts from my medical records (I read them medical records of Dr. Staninger and Joyce Meyers). She said to me that I did not have any damage (after I had read medical records of Joyce Meyers that I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of electromagnetic attacks). She denied that it may be that I have a psychiatric disorder and am a victim of Psychotronic weapons at the same time and sent me to psychiatrists. On the 11th of November, 2012, Officers from the 43 Division of the Toronto Police Service Poole (# 9936) and Dasilva (# 10675) came to my place. They asked to send to detective Redfern (# 5961) all proofs of Psychotronic (mind control) effects upon me that I had. I sent to him 2 e-mail letters with reports of Drs Staninger, Steiner, Joyce Meyers and a report from a Private Investigator Melinda Kidder. On the 19th of November, 2012, I called the 43d division of the Toronto police service and asked a police officer to pass Detective Redfern my phone number, but he did not call me back. I called Detective Redfern on the 25th of April, 2013 and asked him about number of file, he did not say it to me, but confirmed that he had started an investigation. I called Detective Redfern approximately 3 times in total, but his responses were the same: “I do not know anything”. I feel worse with every passing day: I experience pressure on the top of my head from above, blurred vision, sleep deprivation, hypnotic states, inability to think on my own, induced thoughts, voices and sounds in my head, loss of memory, forced speech, involuntary body movements, induced, triggered actions 24/7, except for when I sleep. I needed immediate assistance from the Emergency Service and called 911 on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June, 2013. PC Clarke (# 10772), PC Gonzales (# 5417) and Sergeant Danny Dion (# 6143) came to my place with 3 paramedics on the 3rd of June, 2013. They referred me to psychiatrists, reported to me that they did not have any equipment or training to measure electromagnetic frequency, explained to me that they work for the Canadian Government and cannot investigate crimes, committed or sanctioned by the Government. I and other targeted individuals reported about these crimes to the 52 police division on the 15th of May, 2016. I reported to the 43 police division one more time in summer 2016. The Toronto police have not provided me with any official information about the investigation so far, and I need this information, because I do not believe in any unofficial police investigations. They have not called me, they have not sent me any letters, they have not come to me, they have not asked any questions, they have not brought any equipment to measure radio frequency so far, there are no results of the investigation, and it means that there have been no any real investigation so far, it means their absolute negligence and continued discrimination against me. In February, 2022, I reported about electronic harassment to Norman Leung, Police Constable #5969 of the 55 Division of the Toronto Police, however, he refused to investigate the crime as well.

I called the RCMP in April-May, 2006 and reported to an officer, who introduced himself as Stephen Frith, my symptoms and the name of a suspect, Lei Chen. Stephen Frith said that there were no laws to defend me, and he did not see anything criminal in this situation. I filed another online complaint with the RCMP at the end of 2008. The RCMP started an investigation of the Psychotronic (Mind Control) attacks upon me in January 2009. Corporal Clamp of the RCMP carried on this investigation. An RCMP officer talked to the suspect Lei Chen, and Lei Chen confessed that he had studied Psychotronic Weapons and their influence on the psyche of people. The RCMP stopped the investigation immediately after this conversation, because, if they had found criminals, who attacked me by means of Psychotronivc Weapons, they would have proved their negligence, since I reported to the RCMP about this crime for the first time in 2006, 3 years earlier. Corporal Clamp said to me that they needed additional evidences. It is clear that a crime has been committed against me, and this is their duty to find more evidences and facts, since RCMP and police officers are paid and get money for it. Corporal Clamp said that there were no laws to defend me. It is not true. There are tens of laws in Canada, which defend us, for example, CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, criminal laws against negligence, fraud, kidnapping, assault, battery, torture, harassment, invasion of privacy and other, but Corporal Clamp said to me that we looked at Canadian laws differently. Corporal Clamp said to me that these crimes were not under jurisdiction of RCMP, and, if I need a regular, official investigation of the crime, committed by means of electromagnetic and microwave weapons, I have to go to the Toronto Police Services. However, when I and other Tis come to police, they immediately redirect us back to RSMP.

US Homeland Security officers Piotrowski and his supervisor Metz refused to admit me to the USA in Buffalo on the 4th of September, 2012. US Homeland Security officers forced me to disclose my inaccurate psychiatric diagnoses and denied my entry to the USA. Supervisor Metz told me that he considered my behavior as abnormal, since I said that I have chips in my body. Metz intimidated me, hysterically yelled and screamed at me that I cannot seek for help of American doctors.

My urgent demands are:

1). Cease, and uphold the cessation of, activities of described abuse permanently and forever.

2). Provide me with means of shielding and protection against electromagnetic effects.

3). Compensate detection and removal of microchips by commercial experts. Disclose to me all records of the location of any electronic device inside or outside the body, affecting me.

4). Supply me with all profiles, records and diagnoses, opinions and lists, as they pertain to me from the experiments or investigations done.

5). Compensate pain and suffering, physical and mental harm, negligent abuse by the RCMP and police, negligent abuse by doctors, job deprivation, illegal use as an involuntary human subject, breach of confidence, breach of privacy.

6). Treat all physical and medical injures, present and future, which result from Psychotronic Weapon crimes.

7). Cancel (reverse) false psychiatric diagnoses.

Marochkin, Igor


Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

E-mail:   Igor.mar@icloud.com

I would like to inform you that there is a group of criminals operating radio communications technology capable of transmitting sound including speech directly into a human beings head. They use these radios to harass and terrorize random victims in the city of Toronto.  For me this started in 2011 when I lived on 77 Quebec Avenue near Bloor and High park intersection.  It was like having a two way conversation via radio. These people were mostly verbally abusing me and trying to put me into a state of panic and extreme stress. With the kind of verbal assault they do, any perfectly normal person may exhibit very unusual signs. In the beginning that’s how I was looking and behaving, like a crazy person against my character. The basic goal of these attacks is to drive a person crazy and get him to commit a crime. I think that is the most desired outcome from these sick people’s victims. Possibly with electromagnetic frequencies, they can effect a person’s state of mind, I wouldn’t call it mind control but mind manipulation.  I do not believe microchips or nano materials are necessary, something more like heterodyning radio frequencies. Since I stopped responding to them some time ago, they put me on a loop where the same messages get replayed over and over.  It appears automated, as if they have a computer program that can basically make the harassment process automated.
Many people, who try to explain this, sound unbelievable, because they try to figure out how this could be done and come up with theories and explanations like my neighbour is doing this, the police are involved, I have microchips, nano materials. It does not necessarily mean that they are not being harassed or that they are crazy. It’s just their way to try to explain how this could be done.  Most people complaining about this form of harassment did not just go online and find some information and decided to join a cult and have the same belief system. They go online to figure out what is going on and how it can be stopped. I think these are some form of exotic weapons that somehow ended up on some kind of black market and as a result on the streets in the hands of criminals.
There is a pattern of seemingly normal people, who all of a sudden start complaining about hearing voices or that someone is sending voices in their head. Some of them may be harassed this way.

Mayo Gamarra, Marco Antonio

mind control, body control, psychotronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, electronic harassment, gang stalking, targeted individual, cybertorture, Sherri Guarnieri, Galina Kurdina


Address:  Jeannette, Pennsylvania, USA

Email address: marco_mayog123@yahoo.es

I, Marco Antonio Mayo Gamarra, have North American nationality.  I am a victim of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment in the United States of America.  Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture started for racial reasons in Westmoreland County, State of Pennsylvania, USA in 2012.

The Westmoreland county police officers attacked me daily, several times a day, using their state-of-the-art torture weapons, also known as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), causing me severe anxiety attacks, diabetes, damaging the functioning of internal organs and wanting to kill me. Areas of the body, which they affected the most, were the abdomen, head and heart. Perpetrators caused permanent disease of the skin on my head, due to the constant attacks and the intensity of the energy, emitted by those weapons. I was subjected to daily torture, which caused hypertension (high blood pressure) and collapse of my body.

In January 2019, while in Peru, I sent letters, detailing the torture, to Amnesty International Peru, Association for Human Rights – APRODEH, the Andean Commission of Jurists and National human rights coordinator. When I returned to the state of Pennsylvania, the torture continued, but perpetrators reduced frequency of attacks that caused me pain, and I was no longer attacked several times each day. Now, criminals do it, when I am making something that they dislike or I am making some complaint. This reduction in the frequency of torture has almost normalized my blood pressure.

I suffer from constant harassment by Westmoreland County Police. On November 23, 2015, I received a frightening, UNJUSTIFIED letter from Westmoreland County Sheriff Jonathan Held, stating that a judge had issued an arrest warrant for my arrest and possible imprisonment in Westmoreland County Jail. Keep in mind that the Sheriff Jonathan Held is a criminal, who was sentenced for several crimes. [1] [2]

The United States, through the Patriot Act, commit a massive violation of privacy, therefore, the privacy and intimate lives of citizens are violated. Edward Snowden revealed mass communications surveillance. When I am preparing any document or commenting on something, which perpetrators consider unpleasant or which might affect their interests, they immediately begin to torture me by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and destroy my belongings. 

The function of the police in the USA is not only to fight crimes, the American police has the function of keeping the population under its control, this is a government program to control the population and subdue internal enemies. The police add all the people, who have had problems or have bothered influential people, to a list. Some cops call it “gang list.” The American police have a special treatment of  people on this list, wherever they are. The police initiate a plan of physical and psychological attacks that will be different for each person on this list and will continue, wherever the targeted individual goes. In my case, as I am a Hispanic immigrant, who works as a custodian, the police show themselves in various attacks, while in case of dealing with people, whom the police consider more respectable, they tend to use third parties.

On this issue, Human Rights Watch states: “Human Rights Watch has documented how mass surveillance, combined with a government crackdown on leaks, has also hampered journalists’ ability to report on matters of public concern, as surveillance has intimidated sources, making them hesitant to speak even on unclassified matters. As a result, mass surveillance has undermined media freedom, the public’s right to know, and the ability of Americans to hold the US government to account.” [3]

The Pennsylvania police have put into practice the experiment of the neurophysiologist José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado, whose enviable curriculum includes more than twenty years of teaching at Yale University (Connecticut, USA). He is the author of a well-known experiment, a fighting bull with electrodes in its head, which suddenly ran away from a red cape it was heading for [5]. Nowadays, American police replace the fighting bull with the Targeted Individuals, so any trial in a U.S. court against Organized/Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment and Cybertorture will never be favorable to the victims, because these methods are part of the policies used by the American government to control the population.


[1]   Former Westmoreland sheriff Jon Held pleads guilty to theft charge, gets probation


[2]   Editorial: Is probation enough for sheriff’s department guilty pleas?


[3]  ↑  EE. UU. Debe impedir la violación masiva a la privacidad


 [4] ↑ Westmoreland eyes diversity


[5] ↑   se estan utilizando ya armas psicotronicas?  



Pertseva, Irina


Address: Goryachy Klyuch, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Email address: pertseva.1987@inbox.ru

I am subjected to terror by remote radiating, radiofrequency/electromagnetic, acoustic weapons by unknown to me persons, which is recorded by devices. The capabilities of the weapon are amazing. Technology allows perpetrators to see through the eyes of the victim, to hear what is going on around him/her. Electromagnetic waves are sent to the auditory cortex or inner ear, which is also recorded by the device. The perpetrators make threats, say I am their guinea pig, Pavlov’s dog, that I am their avatar, that I am shown on the Darknet, bet in bitcoins that they will win, if they drive me to suicide. They also electrocute my vital organs – heart, brain, liver, kidneys, heat different parts of my body, can squeeze my chest, interrupt my breathing, induce whistle sounds in my ears and make me dizzy, stop blood circulation in my legs or arms. The effects occur wherever I am, practically around the clock. As a consequence, my health has suffered greatly, as confirmed by doctors’ reports. My heart, liver and joints were disturbed. Lately it is hard even to walk. I want to explain, that I haven’t complained about my health before, I was regularly exercising in gyms, going hiking. I worked in accounting department of the central city hospital. I reported to Police, the Investigative Committee, FSB, and the Military Prosecutor’s Office in my place of residence regarding the fact of electronic harassment. I got letters of no response from everywhere. I have evidence: measurements with a dosimeter, video and photos with recorded radiation, an MRI scan that also shows radiation. I hope these criminals will soon be identified. I am very afraid for myself and my daughter.

Pogorelov, Tatyana

mind control, body control, psychotronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, electronic harassment, gang stalking, targeted individual, cybertorture, Sherri Guarnieri

DOB:  1953

Address:  Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA

Email address: tpog11@yahoo.com

My name is Tatyana. I live in one of the towns in New Jersey, USA. I realized that I was under Psychotronic attack in 2018. Several years before, in 2015, a young man, Danil Rudoy, in his early 30 ties, moved in the apt above me. He is Russian National who got an education in USA. 

In the end of 2018, I suddenly heard very loud voices from apt above mine. I thought a tenant above me had a visitor and didn’t pay attention. Next night a voice was louder, but nobody in my apt could not hear it, only me. I realized the voice was in my head, like a radio transmission directly to my head.  Suddenly I felt an uncontrollable fear, which is called “fight-or flight” response. Loud words: “I will kill you” were repeatedly directed to my head. I ran outside in my pajamas. Next several days, I slept in my friend’s apt in a different town. Only there I felt safe and could fall asleep. When I called Police, they demanded a proof that a tenant upstairs is a threat to me. All I could do was to file a police report. Soon after this incident, tenant moved out. I had no idea what had happened to me. Onset of a mental illness happens in teens or early 20-ties. I am way beyond that age and working in a health care field. I started to do on-line research and found a lot of information on YouTube about similar situation in USA, England, Canada and Russia. Russian law makers tried to pass a law in Duma, against use of Psychotronic weapons, but failed.  This shows how bad the situation is. Since than I have experienced a range of symptoms, which still continue.           

                My signs and symptoms of Psychotronic assault over a period of time:

1. “Fight -or-flight” response, feeling of extreme fear.

2. Radio-like voices inside head. V2K (Voice-to-Scull).

3. Series of brain concussion-like feeling with dizziness and light-headedness.

4. Thoughts manipulation: 

      forced or induced thoughts and images 

      frozen-like state of mind, unable to think clearly, but observe only without thoughts

      feeling of all personal information being sucked out of my brain by Psychotronic “vacuum cleaner”.

5. Memory manipulation:

      sudden pop-ups of long- term memories in my head without any efforts

      fail to remember short-term memories.

6. Vocabulary manipulation:

      phrases popping in my head, which are not my thoughts, but imitating my thoughts

      attempts to imitate my vocabulary using different content, like smuggling it into my brain in order to be accepted as my own thoughts.

      use of a different vocabulary with threatening messages.

7. Manipulation during sleep:

     headaches during sleep, but they stop in the morning

     programming during a sleep

     affecting a sleep cycle.

If thoughts have a unique voice, they also can be stolen by Psychotronic gadgets and used for financial crimes. Psychotronic extortion of money message was constantly forced into my brain: “Give away all your money”. I think this is the main reason for the Psychotronic assault on me. 

Robinson, Derrick


Address:  Hemet, CA, USA

Email address: derrickcrobinson@gmail.com

Major Scenarios: Organized Stalking, Synthetic telepathy

The surveillance and harassment that I’m experiencing began around 1982 while I was in the Navy and stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland working in support of the National Security Agency (NSA) which is headquartered there. During this time, I befriended a serviceman from the Air Force. Our friendship was enjoyable at first, but after a while, encountered some issues due to my sexuality. 

These problems soon drew the attention of both the Navy and NSA. Neither of them ever confronted me directly, but instead they chose to place me under surveillance and began a 24/7 rumor mill around me to pressure me into leaving the NSA building.  

I finally decided to turn in my security clearance, confess to the Navy that I was gay and some months later, I was processed out. I had hoped that that would be the end of my ordeal, however, it was just the beginning.

The stalkers then followed me back to my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio where the harassment continued and is still ongoing today after nearly 35 years. 

The harassment I receive includes: organized stalking, synthetic telepathy, thought surveillance, and ringing in the ears. 

I believe the perpetrators of this criminal harassment campaign are defense contractors employed by the US Navy. And they have interfered with just about every matter concerning my personal affairs – from getting and maintaining a job, social contacts with others – whether friends, family, or acquaintances, tampering with cars, equipment, appliances, household items, clothing, and more.

They continually strive to gain more control of my personal affairs no matter how insignificant – from what color clothes I wear, to what foods I eat, or any activities or projects in which I partake.

One of their control tactics is intimidation, and particularly in my case, one that utilizes projected thought commands such as: ‘no’ you can’t do this or ‘you better not’ do that.

This phenomenon is called synthetic telepathy, also known as Voice-to-Skull technology, one of the advanced, secret technologies which can project the human voice into a person’s mind. 

Soon after I signed onto the Internet in late 2003, I discovered that many others are also being surveilled and harassed in similar ways for various reasons and by a variety of players, including government agencies, corporations, defense contractors, private investigator firms, underground criminal groups, secret societies and more. 

I am currently the Executive Director of a human rights group – People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International – which was formed to address the needs of similarly-targeted individuals.  

We are becoming more active and effective as an organization and we’re looking forward to a day when we can regain our lives, dwell in peace and enjoy our constitutionally-guaranteed rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In Peace and Liberty,

Derrick Robinson, Executive Director

People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International

Website: www.pactsntl.org

Shcherbakova-Sagnol, Elena

DOB: 1963

Address: Moûtiers, Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,  France

Email address: conference.technology2020@gmail.com

President of the International Association for Cultural Exchange and President of the International Association for the Protection of People and Animals from Involuntary Chipping and Misuse of Radiation Weapons.

The open phase of my exposure to psychotronic effects began in 2016 in Lyon, France.

I was born in the USSR. Worked at a metallurgical plant in Belarus, where was repeatedly noted for good performance and was elected to the trade union committee. Also worked as a tour group leader and tourism instructor.

At the end of 1994 moved to France for family reasons. Gangstalking began 2-3 months after the move. I think I was microchipped during the first childbirth. Some time after giving birth, military planes began to fly over our house, and I developed an allergy. 

After 2016, I found out that someone had put me on record in a psychiatric hospital in 2004, whereas I had never gone to such specialists. Later, I learned that perpetrators prepare in advance to conceal their future attacks on a victim, adding him/her to lists of patients in psychiatric hospitals. 

After divorce in 2005, my ex-husband’s relatives started writing false denunciations against me. When I asked them why they did it, one of the relatives replied that they were forced to do it by the police. 

Since the end of 2005, I have developed a series of disorders unidentified by doctors: alternating periods of drowsiness and insomnia, numbness of the fingertips, dizziness to the point of loss of balance, agoraphobia, pain in the lower part of the back of the head, abdominal pain, vision problems, itching, tingling sensations, various wounds on the body, sudden swelling of a vein in the left arm. The psychotronic influence can induce visual and auditory sensations, disrupt  ability to focus and think rationally and independently, delete memory, change emotional states, provoke thoughts of suicide for 2-3 days (especially on the third day), after which I began to take measures for my own salvation, since doctors found nothing. Irradiation can affect any organ, and all my bodily organs are irradiated, some of them more than others. I have started growing artificial hair on my head, which can move by itself without any movement of air. 

I went in for dancing from 10 to 13 years old, then swimming, then speed skating and then swimming again. All my life, I kept my good physical shape and ate well. I would like to add that I wrote poetry and prose since childhood. I also had abilities in mathematics, I especially loved geometry, drawing, had an excellent memory. In the open phase of psychotronic influence, which began in early 2016 in France, my abilities were blocked. 

While I was coping with the problems and radio frequency effects, projected on me, criminals attacked my children, and at that time my daughters studied well, did gymnastics, ballet, piano, sang in a choir, participated in public life of the city (the eldest the daughter was elected a deputy from the youth of the city, and the youngest daughter gave concerts in the city cathedral). During this period of time, I and my children were harassed by social services, which wrote false reports, summoned us for interrogation and said that my children were too well-groomed and needed re-education, after which there was a trial, which I managed to win with great difficulty. Also, during this period, some teachers at school caused problems for my daughters.

Criminals would like us, normal people, to be predictable and behave in the same way, like controlled robots. I am used to an active lifestyle, to useful activities for myself, my family, society, but this is all perceived by criminals as an abnormality. For example, if I comment on someone’s video, start to draw or write poetry, make a shelter from radiation, then immediately, after a second or two, the radio frequency effects begin. Also, any kind of useful work activity is accompanied by almost instantaneous psychotronic impact. This could be shopping, cleaning the house, knitting with yarn, or looking for a job. Another example. If I prepare healthy drinks or food for myself, take vitamins or useful supplements, then a few seconds before taking or sometimes in the first seconds after taking the substances, the radio frequency influence on the stomach begins. This is done, perhaps, so that these substances are not absorbed by the body, because criminals do not need our health, they have their own plans for us. Also, an additional impact begins with any positive emotion, literally in a few seconds, and since I am a positive person by nature and I like to do useful things, people can imagine the frequency and strength of psychotronic effects.

To ensure that everything I have said is not unfounded, I made various measurements, in particular radio frequencies, and filmed with a camera. I recorded voices and conversations of psychotronic operators. They talked about me, mentioned my name, patronymic, the city where I lived before (Zhlobin, Gomel region, Belarus), planned torture of me. At the end of April 2021, I heard that they were planning an attempt on my life. From these conversations and from the fact that any psychotronic effects are associated with radiation, which is an attempt on the life and health of people, I concluded that implanted people do not live long, if they do not have individual shielding.

In my story, I talk about only a part of what happens to me and other victims of psychotronic weapons. On me, as well as on other victims, criminals conduct military-medical experiments and test the techniques of repression. In particular, victims may be discredited, threatened to be put in psychiatric hospitals or even placed there. Also, the victims’ reports to police and courts are not taken into account. I have filed several reports, but none of them have been investigated. 

https://kafe-damour. livejournal.com/97333.html (in Russian)

https://t.me/direct_fr (in French)

https://www.facebook.com/Gang-stalking-Terreur-psychotronique-Contrôle-mental-701796336866631/ (in French and in English)

Elena Sagnol’s dog Joy

My dog Joy had his brain hacked by means of a chip and radiation by psychotronic weapons in Lyon, France in early 2016. I saw the first moment and I understood everything, because a few days before that, my brain was also hacked with the psychotronic weapon.

At that moment, I was making notes on the computer, and Joy was calmly lying one meter away from me. Suddenly, he got up and began to quickly sniff at the place where he was lying. He was extremely restless, as if he was looking for something and could not find it. Then he sat up abruptly, and his head began to spin literally, as if he were drawing a circle with his face. At the same time, his eyes were spinning in their orbits too. I looked at him and did not know, how to protect him. After a couple of minutes, Joy hid in a closet behind something and sat there for an hour or two.

When I learned how to protect myself from radiation weapons, I began to protect Joy too. I covered him with protective materials, took him outside, and I am sure I saved his life several times doing it. After that, he himself began to hide under the protective materials: cloth with copper thread and aluminum, which I laid out for him.

They tortured Joy as they torture human victims. They also used mind control, voice to skull (V2K), gave him seizures, heated particular parts of the body, did not allow him to sleep, made him vomit, held his breath. They remotely controlled him, as if he was a robot. These were terrible moments.

They also put chips in his eyes. Once I found a small bloodstain on the floor and did not immediately understand where it came from, but when I started washing Joy, there was blood on his eye. Just a few days after that, Joy was brutally tortured, his neck muscles were clamped, he could not turn his head; it happened in France on the 27th of September 2019. On the night of September 27-28 of 2019, Joy was brutally irradiated all night, and on September 28, Joy’s right eye began to turn on like a flashlight. After that, his eyes began to change the shape of his pupils, their color, and it was clear, how it really bothered him, he suffered very much.

During Joy’s lifetime, I checked his skin and I felt small balls of fat, moving under the skin, but they emitted radio frequencies.

A few days before his death, Joy was turned off twice. He fell like a robot or like a statue with abnormally outstretched legs and his whole little body was stretched. I rushed to him and began to completely wrap him in aluminum, after which he came back to life. In the last days of his life, Joy looked at me and at the world around him with eyes full of trust, hoping to be saved. Sadists did not leave him such an opportunity. Joy passed away in Minsk, Belarus on March 20, 2020, after three years of torture and experiments running on him.

There were three official diagnoses, made for Joy: anemia, peritonitis, extensive cancer of the abdominal cavity.

After Joy’s cremation, I discovered metal, magnetic crumbs/pieces in his ashes. Also, small metal inclusions were fused to his bones. One Canadian scientist said that liquid chips, after insertion, cling to bones near the injection site and harden. The found metals were different, including one that looked like aluminum, which was also fused to the bones. They emitted radio frequencies that were recorded after Joy’s death.

I have documents that prove that Joy was tortured with psychotronic weapons. On October 9, 2019, I filed an application with the prosecutor of the city of Le Puy en Velay in France against the torture of my dog with damaging radio frequency weapons. The statement went unanswered.

Little Joy was 7 years old, he was healthy and cheerful dog, he loved to walk, play with me and my children, loved classical music, especially the piano and was very kind. Now, Joy is gone. My dog died like a hero.

Woldemariam, Abebe Gebre

mind control, body control, psychotronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, electronic harassment, gang stalking, targeted individual, cybertorture, Sherri Guarnieri, Galina Kurdina

DOB: 23/11/1972

Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Email address: avexmerab@gmail.com

Saturday Midnight, July 31, 2021 GC. It started in the form of terrorism and torture that was motivated by unidentified hatred, envy, jealousy or revenge, beaming loud noise in my head via V2K (Voice To Skull), while I was in bed in my own apartment. I have been monitored and controlled by perpetrators 24/7 since the start of direct targeting in July 2021. Targeted individuals are unable to escape the electromagnetic attacks by traveling even by airplanes on very high altitudes. This V2K crime is heinous and evil. 
Criminals tried to isolate me, force to leave my house and eventually destroy all my communication and network means, including public image. The main weapons have been used in different ranges of frequencies for surveillance/monitoring, intimidation, slander, discrediting and harassment. Taken in isolation, these acts might seem harmless, but the amount of these misdeeds, committed against me, and the repetitive nature of these attacks have been cumulative and devastating. It looks like a kind of slow killing. The situation has been aggravated by the time.
Criminals look like a group of people, committing gang stalking via V2K. They have introduced themselves as my friends. It looks, as if they have a vast network of human resources, ready to accomplish the electronic harassment. Their networks extend to all strata. 
Victims are facing intense humiliation, mental and physical injuries, family breakdown, isolation, lack of privacy, inadequate service or denial of service and support, various health problems. In addition, they are also subjected to the following treatment: rejection, scorn, intimidation, sexual harassment and torture. We experience various losses: identity, reputation, social network, self-esteem, dignity, jobs, income, etc.. We find ourselves living in extreme pain, which can even lead to suicide.
Victims feel unprotected by the system, threatened, targeted and harassed. Moreover, criminals present us in communities as potentially dangerous with false accusations and false evidence. We have been presented as prostitutes, pedophiles, sexual predators, dangerous criminals, mentally ill, vagrants, thieves, etc. The aim of these criminals has been to discredit us, as if we are outcasts, and destruct all aspects of our lives. 
Targeted Individuals have also been requested to serve as guinea pigs. 
This phenomenon has been unknown to the public in Ethiopia. It is difficult to detect it and difficult to protect targeted individuals. However, we are praying and trying to use some EMF Protection shields. The rest – we don’t know, what will happen. Our lives are in the hands of God


Wood, Linda


Address:  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Email address:

My name is Linda Wood, I am a writer and artist working in Saskatoon, SK Canada. You can find me on Hear My Heart Books, past member of Saskatchewan Writers Guild and Past President of Saskatoon Writers Club. One of 5 founding members of Subtle Voices, a critique group here in the city who hosted other writers to come in and instruct workshops. I’m a past member of the Biggar Writer’s Group.  I’ve judged a monthly poetry and prose competition and been invited to judge speech and performing arts competitions for young people. I have instructed workshops of 10 – 300 people including students and adults in art, writing and social issues. I have a heart for social and social justice issues that affect people locally, nationally and globally. I have also liaised with women’s organizations especially around the beginnings of the December Memorial.  I have won awards in Canada and the USA for my poetry and received an award for a CoS report read into the minutes that changed the bus routes in Saskatoon. I will always appreciate the encouragement of my high school art teacher and Verne Clemence at The StarPhoenix for hiring me as a freelance book reviewer at the beginning of my career.

I have been the recipient of “Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment” or multi-stalker harassment by strangers for the past eight years beginning in 2008, when I became a self-employed cleaner to support my Arts career. With cleaning, I could make a certain amount per month but it was not stable as people were often away; sometimes everyone during the same month. Never the less, I enjoyed it and had many long-term clients but at times I’ve had all clients away at once so could not count on it. I also knew three senior clients well who passed away. That affected me as I had developed close friendships with them. I wanted to earn by cheque so I had a paper trail of my work and am very proud of my accomplishments with it during that time, tax-payer, etc. As you can see, without a significant other, this was not sustainable given the rising cost of housing in Saskatoon.

I went through a bankruptcy at that time. I am a 52-yr-old divorced mother of two college graduates who are working in their careers in another province.  I had a “normal” life living in Biggar, SK, prior to returning to Saskatoon in 2006 with friendships across the social spectrum. It was a financial struggle in Biggar, but my children and I had a good standard of living there and could afford housing, car and vacations prior to that time. I would work the jobs I was working and would go through bankruptcy again to make sure they were raised right.

When I returned to Saskatoon, I began to take jobs out of necessity, rather than choice. I discovered several poor work environments including the foster care system with high aboriginal children/youth intake around the time the children’s report came out — I discovered I could not make a difference —including dealing with burnout from one, prior to settling into cleaning.

I lived in an area in Sutherland where I was asked by the rental office to have a surveillance camera placed in my home for a period of time as there was suspicion of drug-related activity directly related to the house across from me. I became more and more uneasy about this as it was supposed to be in my home for a very limited time period and I was not interested in spying on my neighbours.  I finally went to the landlord and asked to have it removed.  She was surprised to discover from me that it was still there. A friend who lived in the area let me know that a grow-op was later discovered at that location. Another cleaner friend of mine was also asked to host a surveillance camera at her home around this time in another area overseen by the same landlord. This camera was situated outside of her home.

The harassment began and continued, following me place to place in the city into housing, employment, public places, etc. I tracked some of this down to my banking information re: a previous pin number which has now been changed. This also included months of harassment at my next home on Cumberland Ave. including loud conversations starting approximately 2:30 – 3 am every night meaning no sleep or interrupted sleep.

I have also exhausted possibilities of “Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment” being a medical issue as I’ve gone to a doctor and gone on medication when experiencing this harassment.  Medication did not stop the multi-stalkers functioning in real time nor did it stop the V2K, voices to skull (voices in my head). If this was a medical problem it would go away with medication. It hasn’t.

I have received interference with my paper mail, email and telephone with all communications being interrupted or affected in some way. This includes five to six months’ worth of missing mail this year that included banking information. When I recently changed addresses with Canada Post this year the missing mail never arrived.  I went to my bank to get copies of my missing bank statements and did report this problem to them.  When I contacted Canada Post in person or by phone to report missing mail, they let me know they couldn’t help me as they don’t track envelopes. I also had people phone my cell with hanging up, crazy laughter and unintelligible comments.  I reported this to my cell provider who referred me to the police. The police said they couldn’t help me but suggested I change phones. I replaced my phone to the tune of $700. Email problems continue as I was trying to send something again last night. I could not submit a form. When I tried to send a copy of the info to myself, the email I was working on disappeared. 

While shopping in Saskatoon or out at a restaurant I have been the recipient of unwanted following and overt hostility by strangers and have come to discover when I have been with friends or family something hitting me called voice-to-skull (V2K) technology.  This is a psychological tactic to try to drive one crazy or show the person experiencing this in a bad light as it is hard to explain this or hold it all together while receiving this. Eg. I was with two friends at a west-side coffee shop when I received derogatory name calling referring to me in the 3rd person that only I heard but another friend went unconscious in broad daylight. This is highly unusual and we have spoken since about our mutual experiences with it.

I was recently involved in outdoor seasonal work where I returned from travel with a burn 4” x 2” on the left breast and received overt hostility directed at both the company I was working for and me personally. I did very well with the company and created more business for it but was again harassed on the job. This burn occurred under 2-3 layers of clothing and took 2-3 weeks to heal and chaffed after that. Any sunburn I’ve had previously heals after applying ointment within 2-3 days.

This harassment issue has made it nearly impossible to proceed with my Arts career or to maintain steady employment and I have become a hidden homeless statistic for the past year.  I have gone so far as writing a letter to Amnesty International, London, UK but they nicely refused to help.  Amnesty here in Canada can only cover so many issues at a time and is running 10 years behind although they are doing outstanding work.

I slowly realized what was happening to me, researching this relatively-hidden, able to function given our eco-political climate, emergent 21st C crime, discovering women and visible minorities are most often targeted. A smear campaign was accompanied by perpetrators of various events trying to cause me to notice or react to a given scenario taking place. Only the targeted person is the recipient of all of the events which seem to anyone else like life’s hard knocks.  

Further to this, small appliances were destroyed at several locations I’ve lived and personal belongings would go missing from the house on or about the same time as I would host a group in, whether with family members or friends to destroy trust in these people and to try to create a sense of isolation and paranoia.

There was an attempt at the Sutherland location to access my home through a second bedroom window not used often. There was also another attempt to get into my home on Cumberland while I was at home through a back door deck screen.

I had an experience in the North last winter where this followed me from the workplace through the community driving me to visit the medi-clinic and the hospital. It included the invasion of my privacy at every level by phone, coming into my apartment, filming me there in my most private moments and the locking down of my computer including movement and loss of files of poetry, stories, etc. This computer was not hooked up to the internet. I have a laptop for that. I was in fear for my life there.

An ongoing slander campaign is destroying my credibility and exhausting my resources both physically, mentally, emotionally and financially over a period of time.

Many targeted individuals (TI’s) spend their lives trying to speak out about this issue affecting citizens most often of Westernized countries. They are most often labelled or misdiagnosed as schizophrenic, mentally ill or some other nonsense.  The tactics happening resemble Nazism, fascism or Church of Scientology “fair gaming.” It seems to function outside the law while allowing perpetrators to harass and persecute more victims. This is meant to humiliate/shame an individual, create fear in him/her and to ultimately silence the victim.

I have been wrongly portrayed to others of lying, theft, prostitution, being a “spy”, that I have been “caught working as a man” among others. Many of these “nudges” “suggestions” to others paint a picture of me being “other”, “undesirable” “not to be trusted” “expendable”.  The perpetrators flash phoney ID and files to make them appear “legit” and people approached want to help. Never mind that the information is false. It doesn’t matter. This is a psychological attack.

When I became aware I was experiencing this I have tried to first of all to receive help with it to no avail, learn everything about what it could and could not be, speak out about it and educate others on what is happening.

I realize this is difficult to grasp if you are not the recipient of this yourself. Please research this topic and decide for yourself.

Last year I was in a psychiatric ward for five weeks and have been recovering slowly with medical help and medication after a bad fall at my workplace. I had also received mobbing. This however did not get rid of the V2K (voices to skull, voices in my head) and bad dreams or the organized stalking. I have had to resign my last position, so am now unemployed.