20. May 2016

Investigators of Electronic Harassment and Mind Control

Advanced Electronic Security Co.

Performs Electronic Sweeping and Surveys, using the best possible Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), to determine if you’re being electronically harassed. Then recommends the proper course of action to eliminate the electronic harassment threat. Over 30 years of specialized service, over 2,500 locations swept.

Phone:  760-668-2245

Web site: http://www.bugsweeps.com/http://www.bugsweeps.com/info/electronic_harassment.html

Email: bugsweeps@earthlink.net


Columbia Investigations firm

Offers a broad variety of services. Your investigative team will be tailored to fit the specific needs of your case and hand picked to bring you unparalleled results.

Phone:  (573) 673-2485

Web site: http://www.columbiainvestigations.com/

Email: columbiasleuth@aol.com, melinda@columbiainvestigations.com


AAA Security, Inc

Offers the best security coverage with the most affordable price.

Phone:  (801) 534-7508

Web site: https://aaaalarm.net/

Email: service@aaasecurityco.com


Edward Leszynski

A private investigator from Special Solutions Ltd in Chicago, who has been chasing the phenomenon for many years.

Phone:  (224) 470-9056

Email: fozzycar@yahoo.com


Peter Lewis Mazzone firm

Offers a wide spectrum of investigative services for individuals, attorneys and corporations in need of help

Phone: 619-544-4165