1. February 2021

Email letters between Galina Kurdina and Sherri Guarnieri

Emails, dated November 2018

On Nov 23, 2018 8:22 PM, “Galina Kurdina” <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca> wrote:
I repeated my motivation and what I will do with contacts of your doctors at least 3 times in my emails: I will share the contacts with other TIs in order to use these doctors as experts in our future court cases. Do not invent that I asked your medical records, I have never done this. Do not contact me again, please. Sincerely, Galina Kurdina.

On Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 2:42:05 p.m. EST, Sherri M Guarnieri <> wrote: Oh one last thing, I was the one who found and exposed Oak Ridge Labs working with the Air Force and Army with under the skin head / ear devices.
Hmmm, yes I am helping this community with huge information such as that.
On Wed, Nov 21, 2018, 12:38 PM Sherri M Guarnieri <> wrote:
Their is nothing to invent. You wanted my medical information, as you asked on three occasion”s for my doctor’s, email and contact information.
You have offered nothing of your mission to me or how you help other people.
Please tell me where in this email stream did you explain your mission or what you would be doing with my information.
You just wanted my information. One of my doctor’s had to move his office two times after helping me. I will not do that with any other medical professional again when it effects their life.
I gave you private videos, Ramola’s articles and podcasts which included me. Nothing I have offered you has been invented.
Best of luck, as stated before.
Sherri M Guarnieri

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018, 11:48 AM Galina Kurdina <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca wrote:
I asked you to give names and contacts of your experts, when it is possible, obviously, after the court hearing. I have never asked to give your medical records in full disclosure, do not invent things. My motive is obvious as well: future court cases of “us”, other TIs. But lets stop this exchange of letters, since you do not really want to help other people. Galina Kurdina.

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 11:28:18 p.m. EST, Sherri M Guarnieri <> wrote: Disclosing my private information before a court case to someone I can’t trust yet is a choice of skill. I don’t know you, why should I hand over my medical records.
Further more, I don’t think giving my medical records in full disclosure “help” other’s being abused. Would you give your Social Security Number for another TI, hell no.
Take a moment and think what you are wanting.
Here in the US, these people on this email have read it all and have seen it all. Some more than others.
I don’t know who your “us” is and asking me twice in a row without sharing your skill or motive is demanding.
I want to stop non consenting Human Experimentation Trafficking SLAVERY, not be on a ” program”.
My information is vital. Karen Melton-Stewart, 28 year’s in the NSA reviewed my information without knowing some private information and my disclosure of Obama’s no show scam is now on public record. After Obama’s no show, if you read Ramola’s article, I started being grossly abused by Electromagnetic Assault. Did you read the article, 99,999 micro watt’s per square meter. A reading that can’t be obtained without a military grade weapon shooting at you.
Best of luck,  we are not on the same path.
Sherri M Guarnieri

On Tue, Nov 20, 2018, 8:59 PM Galina Kurdina <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca wrote:
Hi, My motivation is clear, like a TV program. All TIs need experts for future court litigation, that is why I asked (not demanded) names of medical doctors and PIs, who helped you. If you do not want to help other TIs, do not contact us. please. Sincerely, Galina Kurdina.

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 10:40:36 p.m. EST, Sherri M Guarnieri <> wrote: Hi Galina,
I don’t know you Galina, I have no reason to send you name’s of my doctor’s ect.
Also here in the US my rights are in HIPPA. 
I am not ” retaining your services”. I am sharing because my case is clearly found in the medical military areana which got in the hands of civilian user’s. I have a clear cut case of civilian user’s just by my recent ruling and recordings.
I am not sure of your motivation on ” demanding my medical records and contacts”.
I’ve already gotten bothered by the Secret Service, by law they can look at any record of mine.
So, you are not the Secret Service and you have shared nothing with me.
I don’t play ping pong…..find someone else. I was hoping you may have some new supporting information on stopping Human Trafficking SLAVERY.
Sherri M Guarnieri

On Tue, Nov 20, 2018, 8:09 PM Galina Kurdina <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca wrote:
When and if it is possible, send me names and contacts of your experts: doctors and investigators, please. Sincerely, Galina Kurdina.

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 9:39:13 p.m. EST, Sherri M Guarnieri <> wrote: Due to HIPPA, and future litigation I can’t disclosure medical doctor contact’s.
In regards to sleep studies on RFM, it’s a matter of math, numeric and using the radio frequency Air Force body guide to compare.
Are you aware the Air Force has a guide in which to move or pulse body and brain with Radio Frequency?
My sleep study is very close to the guide. My case with my employer was one of harassment which went through the Department of Unemployment which is now a City of Santa Fe record.
My employer reported that I was terminated under misconduct because I complained of being assaulted with “Directed Energy Weapons”. Untrue statement but he wrote that in his filing.
I went through two appeals and the board members of the Department of Unemployment ruled in my favor.
I submitted my ear picture, a STEM Army research document about ear and head devices under the skin, recorded conversations ect.
My boss and it’s employees would say:” I was shaking her not burning her”” I was pulsing her in yoga”” Don’t do that to her she is clipping her ear’s”
They started to speak of my activities outside of work and my emails. My employer had me sign an unlawful gag order then a year later terminated my employment because I disclosed my evidence about them to the military.
I issued a cease and desist letter before I was terminated. In the end, the State of New Mexico found my employer’s action to be ” unlawful to gag order or terminate an employee for issuing a complaint which was my right to protection”.
The word got out and some level of investigation started and I won my case. However, I am still out of work and still being forcefully assaulted with this technology.
Sherri M Guarnieri

On Tue, Nov 13, 2018, 7:10 PM Galina Kurdina <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca wrote:
Dear Sherri, Who interpreted your scans for the court case? What doctors? Or, may be, other experts? Could you send me their names and e-mail addresses? Sincerely, Galina Kurdina.

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 9:03:27 p.m. EST, Sherri M Guarnieri <> wrote: Hi Galina,
The first round, medical: picture of the back of my skin while burning, x-ray and a CT scan. All locations in question can be found in a medical image, even in an older MRI.
I have used a number of scientific meter’s, even a sleep study with radio frequency reader’s connected and near my ear’s. Here are private videos of meter reading and a sound test video.
I have a big log of sleep studies by minute in milligauss and RFD in which you can see an increase of heat near my head/ear’s which I can now map that this attack was burning my skin, dream insertion, targeting a part of my body and a type of vibration or synthetic telepathy.
Best, Sherri M Guarnieri

On Tue, Nov 13, 2018, 6:31 PM Galina Kurdina <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca wrote:
Dear Sherri, How did you manage to detect the devices in your ears? Who helped you to detect them? Thank you in advance, Sincerely, Galina Kurdina.

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, 1:27:09 p.m. EST, Sherri M Guarnieri <….> wrote: Hi Helen,
Thank you for your report with Ramola.
Happy to speak with you in the future.
I caught my former employer and it’s employees using my non consenting ear device’s for torture. He unlawfully terminated my employment after I started documenting their conversations about torturing my body with bragging remarks to one another.
After two appeals, I won my case which is now a public record of human trafficking.
Take care,
Sherri M Guarnieri

Emails, dated December 2019 – January 2020

From: Sherri M Guarnieri <…>To: helenkurdin <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca>Cc: Millicent Black <…>; Ramola D Reports <…>; Karen Stewart <…>; Bill Binney <…>; Kirk Wiebe <…>; Melanie Vritschan <>; Jerothe Douglas J <douglas.jerothe@usmc.mil>; “info@davidmorehouse.com” <info@davidmorehouse.com>; “info@obama.org” <info@obama.org>; “sahar.zafar.ctr@darpa.mil” <sahar.zafar.ctr@darpa.mil>; “lisa.mattocks@darpa.mil” <lisa.mattocks@darpa.mil>Sent: Saturday, January 5, 2019, 09:13:36 a.m. EST Subject: Re: Report #105 12:40
You are very much wrong, as Karen Melton-Stewart read the full email string, along with the military, Obama and Moorehouse.
Karen Melton-Stewart even found your request poor and without understanding of reason to collect.
Galina, keep yourself and your lie spreading in Canada.
My goal, why is someone from China attacking people with this weapon in Canada.
I have offered more disclosure of accuracy then most. I have proven my attack, been to a hearing and won.
My implant photo, the names of the user’s of my non consenting device’s and research all disclosed and left me repeat, I won my case.
Those who riot to court and ask for money on scientific research that may never be disclosed for court, are Criminal in case evidence.
You can stop your lies and stop attaching your lies to my solid evidence.

On Sat, Jan 5, 2019, 7:02 AM Galina Kurdina <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca wrote:
Dear All, The truth is that this woman, Sherri Guarnieri, offered lies many times, for example, she sent me a lot of emails and blamed that I asked her to disclose her medical records. I have never ever asked her to do this. This is just one of her lies.  In the podcast, I meant that nano materials can not be detected by x rays. And nothing else. Of course, implants, made of metals, can be perfectly detected by equipment in hospitals.If anybody has a report from medical doctors or scientists that nano materials have be found in human systems by means of x rays, please, inform us about it.Sincerely,Galina Kurdina.

On Thursday, December 27, 2018, 12:34:07 a.m. EST, Dr. M Black <…> wrote:

On Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 10:32 PM Sherri M Guarnieri <…> wrote:
Hi Ramola,
I understand in the report, you and your panel addressed advanced nano; however my ear device’s on the back of my left and right ear CAN be seen in my skin, on a x-ray and a CT scan. I have a laser cut on my eye lid which I never put there.
The micro dot’s in my ear lobe’s are a clear extension of a type of self connecting nano that made connection from one dot admitter to another and can shock me. They glow under a flashlight and can be seen in my face x-ray. They even match the FCC regulations and Air Force response in radio frequency measure to the human body.
How are you addressing those of us, example Millicent, myself, that are much older then 80’s or 90’s to present and what resides in us?
To state, ” they can’t be found in x-ray or MRI”, just takes the evolution in torture and offer’s the current to be more important than our historical under standing of developed torture technology.
Galina has offered zero in medical knowledge, vocabulary or meathod to theory. She just says ” no you can’t see implants in x-ray”. David Lawson’s technology while first consentual with the CIA and later abused, ” all found in current medical testing”. Melanie’s throat implant removed by current medical testing.
It’s such a contradiction of finding and meathod to evidence in this podcast of you, Melanie and Galina.
It’s like taking President Lincoln tossing him to the trash and offering finding only in high level nano control. However Lincoln’s time is still present in current day law.
Where does this leave me or Millicent? A lie? Neither of us have offered a lie.
I don’t know why Melanie has not done a controlled study on her removed throat implant after the KH mess. Her implant is a development of current technology. The property of bonding iron around the device in human tissue is how white blood cells off counter and change strand. Change strand means DNA manipulation.
You can’t riot to court. You can’t use another’s evidence until presented and won apon in a court of law here in the US. You can’t use Melanie’s controlled study until released by those in participation and if the University backs the finding. You can’t give a donation to a study to use in a court of law; that’s collusion.
Remember, I caught the owner’s and employees of The Firebird speaking, having directing knowledge of pulsing, vibrating, shaking me through my device, directing one another and questioning each other about my non consenting technology with a designated IP to my body to their cellphone or home computer. A ” log in” to rape me at anytime of my day. Unlimited access.
That’s pretty clean medical and location evidence for me.
Just thinking, wondering and confused by the development of this podcast.

Emails, dated February 2021

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021, 3:07 PM Galina Kurdina <helenkurdin@yahoo.ca> wrote:
Sherri, Stop stalking and harassing me, stop spreading slander and false information about me. I have never been Katserikova Galina Ivanovna and never contacted her, I do not know this person at all. I reserve my right to protect myself from your slander and publish true facts about you. I will publish your letter on the website as a proof of your harassment, if you do not apologize and do not admit your libel. I give you one week for this purpose and will publish your libel letter on our web site after that, if you do not stop. This is my defense from your attacks upon me. Remember, all your libel and stalking will be exposed and published. Galina Kurdina. PS Opened this letter 2 minutes ago

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 08:01:07 p.m. EST, Sherri M Guarnieri <…> wrote:

Purpose of Legal Notice: Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina

During June of 2020, Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina cc’d me in a complaint against Karen Melton-Stewart which then extended into a Cease and Desist. After her issuance, I have had no contact with Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina.

At this time Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina has violated her own proclamation to her Cease and Desist as Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina has recently tabbed my name on her website which followed in a Google pin dated February 1, 2021. Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina is doing this because of her own ongoing spars involving Karen Melton-Stewart, Ramola D, Amy Rayboun and herself, Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina.

I do not have a Twitter account, Facebook account or public YouTube page. However, Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina does, and built a “new” area as seen on her home page with my last name which further doxed my first and last name in a Google pin which directs a reader or search engine follower to draw in to her website as seen in the attachment.

I am opening this correspondence up to assist those who may be victims of such law violations as, “Doxing” – “Publication of Private Facts” – “Misappropriation of Name of Likeness”.

Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina must immediately remove my name from her website due to the above law violation. If my name is not removed, I am allowed to proceed in pursuant or those assigned to pursue.

I would also like to educate on the use narrative of libel and slander on Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina YouTube account and Website. Defamation is an area of law when words can cause harm on reputation or livelihood which then opens libel and slander. Libel is written and slander is defamation spoken. Since I have never had a live conversation with Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina, I have never been involved in slander. In addition, I have never used defamatory words in the non-consenting private email to Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina now published to her website which concludes I have offered nothing libel to defame Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina in the email conversation on her website. Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina should have a conversation with Ramola D surrounding her disclosure of your email to me. I never searched for Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina. My first email to her was after an interview with Ramola D in which I asked Ramola D for Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina email in efforts to share my interviews and circumstances. Ramola D asked for your permission before sharing your contact information to me.

In closure, the libel counter to publish my name in her website without consent which lead to a pin on Google in efforts to traffic people to her website and disclose the private content of conversation does fall under Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina action of libel use of doxing, publication and misappropriations law by using  Sherri M Guarnieri, Sherri Guarnieri or S. Guarnieri. This does, due to the nature of my holdings threated my safety, security, livelihood, her actions can be considered as an act of terrorism and continued aggravated harassments to defame. I have not incited her recent actions. They are her actions alone as Katserikova Galina Ivanovna aka Helen Galina Kurdina.

Allotment to proceed in pursuant on doxing, publication of private facts and misappropriation of name or likeness.