5. September 2016

Comments about Electronic Harassment and Mind Control

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  • The TI scars are deep and visible, they are both physical and mental. They will forever witness against the brutality of the criminal animals dressed in human bodies. They will be remembered by our honorable citizens around the Globe and will be taught in Universities and Schools for the entire nations to throw crime masters in Jail and forever. No to Organised Gang Stalking – No to the brutal Nazi Regime.
    The TI Toronto community is dedicated to serving and protecting our citizens from those barbaric crimes against humanity. So help us GOD

    • I agree ! The time is coming near where all the ones that hunted us like prey are going to be held accountable for the lives they no touch tortured for fun until they took there own lives ..,,,,those of us left should feel lucky and have faith that in the days to come all bad men shall fall HARD!

  • Many honorable citizens today could be Targeted Individuals and not knowing it – please contact a trusted TI for support and guidance on the action needed to help you in anyway possible. We know how and what it feels and have been there for long. We know we are going to win. Crime masters are now aware of TI exposing their crimes – strength in number – join our TI team to liberate our country from those barbaric attacks.

  • Hello I came across this 3o’clock Sunday 24 th.December. my name.Beatrice Lapierre I live in Saint Eustache Quebec I do need help as I am alone can not get anyone from an organisation close to me live 20 min from Montreal and I am sure that there must be someone close by that I can get in touch with. So my question is….Do you have any idea or know(rather)-of some T.I.’s close that I could contact. I’m hanging in there only now thing’s are getting a lot harder police took my van of the road I asked them to help me I ran out of gas the cop (female)drove so fast purposely so every time she would drive by the street and said I was mixed up took my van said it had to be checked I said I wanted to send it to the scrap as it would not have passed inspection any way they lied so much but worst of all 2 weeks latter I received a letter from assurance automobile du Quebec. The cop asked them to send me a paper to see a doctor 3pages of questions for the doc. To fill out to see if my mental capacity would interfere with me driving this happened almost 2years ago there are no doctors every time I try the clinics there full so I’m housebound with a big dog which my daughter decided to rescue from spca and she never came back knowing that I had to walk now it’s winter so they have me imprisoned in an apartment building were harassment is 24-7 me and the only friend I have my dog Pukka and I worry for her also with good reason as you know .I have already lost animals it’s horrific so I must keep an eye on her constantly they make her so nervous when we need to go out for 5 min for her to go pi.or along walk the cars garbage pails bottles any kind of noise to make her bro shiver etc. Sorry for going on like This but I have so much to talk about and nobody to talk with .So with that in mind I asked you for help to find someone or an organisation that I can get in touch with. I pray you can. So. Thank’s for being there all my best dear friend’s hope to hear from you. Yours. Truly. Bea wishing you and your’s peace&love.

  • God bless you all T.I.s
    I live in Calgary and Iam torturing brutally. I am isolated too. Need help please!
    If somebody know the organization of Calgary, let me know please!
    Love Anna.

    • I have been in many Provence’s and the worst places for a TI to be is Winnipeg,Toronto and Montreal. If I was you I would change Provence. Good bless you.

      • No matter where you live, you can still be targeted. Instead,look for a way to stop the perpetrators.

    • Yes I am a long term targeted individual in rural Mb. Please email me as we need to gather forces to combat this sick crime.

  • Hi!

    There are many T.I’s around the world and they all end up describing their ordeal and torture more or less the same way. It can only prove one simple fact that these are all being orchestrated around the world by a singular agency/group. The operations done are advancing by the day as more sophisticated devices are being innovated around the world which have the capacity to intrude, steer , scan, influence or control human brain at a neuronal firing maps or circuit level. The idea of getting the exo-cortex linked with the remote computer enabling them to keep a complete body-brain-behavior control over T.I is not far from reality and this time they are oriented towards the formation of trans-human or post human and not just a Manchurian Candidate or Monarch Slave, as has been the trend and ulterior aim projected by the victims.

    In any case, there is a certain female in Russia, Irene Caesar. She is a painter by hobby but otherwise a doctoral level physicist. She has come up with a patented tool called ‘Second Birth’. Second Birth is a Mini Tesla Psi Generator which works using quantum mechanics and the information wave of every person or object which has a holographic image that corresponds to the unique structure of that person( for a more accurate and complete understanding of it, kindly visit, http://www.wavegenome.com). This Mini-Tesla Psi generator has the technology to counter the various psychotronic weapons used for brain control purposes or genetic warfare. Even Magnus Olsson, the Swedish T.I, has adapted to its use and become a worldwide distributor for these generators and various other products. Irene Caesar is also heading an other future city project, Matrix City. The details can be referred at http://www.thematrixcity.com.

    It is fairly clear form the stage and state of digital brain morphing with the computer enabled in human brain and human body organ or other brain features functions that they are aiming to come up with the next big breakthrough in the field of digitally neuro-morphed Trans-human or Post Human in near future. These experimentation and research done across the world can be about establishing a New World Order where the world citizen is a human race that is brain and body enhanced by the interfaced super computer or sensitization of the world’s existing populace about the coming trend.

    What they take the targeted person through in this chronic and constant brain intruded hyper state is certainly not what a normal human can even imagine. The pain is what the T.I suffers and there appears no reward but only more negative and continued harassment. Even the authorities are not interested in hearing out the targeted person’s details, while, legal and constitutional amends are only a distant hope for all the world’s advanced nations. It can be only by deciding to protect oneself entirely own means or to allow them to do what they fine satisfactory, even if it costs our sanity that appears to be the option available to T.I’s around the world.

    The choice is for us to make and for them to adopt to. Al the best!

  • Good morning! I just wanted to chime in quickly here on your forum.
    Thanks for adding me to your reportoire of research resources, but I just wanted to give everyone my full information, because details here are pretty scarce.
    My name is Edward Leszynski from Special Solutions Ltd in Chicago.
    I’m a private investigator who has been chasing the phenomenon for almost seven years now. We don’t have all of the answers yet, but we do have some, and every answer was found through objective scientific research and deep investigation.

    I can be reached at the numbers listed above, but if you would like to send an email, contact me at specialsolinc@yahoo.com.

    Looking forward to helping each and every one of you with these issues, Thanks

    • Edward – NIGHTMARE in urgent need of a scan to essentially save my life from a 1.8 year mental illness (Grave) framing by these criminals and family! I hype that you receive this message and can assist! As you know with an individual, The person’s life is assassinated, framed crimes, evidence using heinous crimes such as child crimes or dangerously mentally ill to slander smear a persons life. Where I stand is this has been used to aggressivingy convince my family to participate BUT tell me nothing is going so I appear mentally il. I walked away from my family but recently contacted them while I was forced to homelessness when these criminals put gang hits on me through out on the streets that I was a child pedophile. at one point there were contractors acting as homeless person soliciting help using my slander. I am a victim of all things done to individual that include DEW, Neuro remote monitoring but lack the evdience. My current situation – living in St. Ann MO, where my family is acting as criminals, helping to “take me down” Technology was used to create
      scrams/evidence from what I have heard from various people. WHAT I Need from you! family have been working with fbi or fusion center or just criminals an being directed is what I can tell. MY sister is acting as a gangstalker blocing every avenue of help, taking me in to their home for an opportunity to frame me further but saying this won’t happen. Its a covert and overt harassments type of situation…. Look at all we are doing for you on the other hand look she cant take care of herself so she needs to be committed. ITS sick and they are being directed. My brother in law Timothy Lee Pratt DOB 10/6 St. Ann MO is acting as ca contractor administering EMF and chemicals but I can’t say anything orthey will use it against me. If I leave there, they will use this against me to finalize the grave mental illness. you know that these criminals direct the narrative with gaining access to phone etc and blocking ability to connect with the world you have been alienated from. I hope you receive this. This scan would save my life. This started 4/20 when my daughter and son in law groomed my 3 year old grandson and used him in a choregraphed effort to look like I harmed/molested him. no charges but his slander used to destroy my life. part of the framing was that they are saying it never happened and I am so sick. The slander to the world is an aggressive framing of child crimes, slander to destroy my life. My family is essentially “punishing” me without ANY DUE PROCESS of law and if i speak truth this is being used to frame the mental illness. 1.8 years! I am being horrifically done wrong. with no due process of law so I also sound guilty of the crimes with no case of record but used todesroy as if there were and I was already convicted. the use of technology, using frequency or NRM to track and also contact those around me to tell them I am on the run……child pedophile, dangerous.
      I am none of these things. ..paid off doctors ect. I watched all this go down starting in Argyle Texas. What family does this to another person. i HAVE BEEN PIGEONED FROM ANY LIEGAL HELP OR OUTSIDE PERSON TO FOLLOW AND MAKE SURE I DONT’ DISSAPPEAR AND GET A FAIR COURT (MENTAL HEALTH)
      URGENT – PLEASE ASSIST TO SAVE THIS INNOCENT GRANDMA’S LIFE FROM HUMAN TRAFFICING. PLEAASE LOOK UP SOUL CATCHER BY KAREN MELTON STEWART OR Dr john hall gangstalking. I am so sorry to type this with typos – in a hurry! Please take note of my brother in law! I have been painted as a monster but I am far from this. I am a loving Nana, MOM, friend – I was in recovery from alcholism for over 7 years, belonged to a great church, working recovery. When I called out my son in law who is from mexico and hated me for child abuse, spousal infidelity, this started. What we have is criminals doing things to a victim to get a “mental health illness response” so they can use it against the person and they are logging and using technology to monitor and record to use against the person and show family. Ask people that you meet if they will participate telling them slander and need to be off the streets. Its been a horrific assassination. You could help to clear this up and prevent a mental health – Guinee pig trafficking event! A person deserves a trial if life destroyed by slander. NOT to just disappear into a mental ward with no support of fair help! I will be murdered in an institution. Phone censored and email. MY brother in law needs to be held accountable and tried for war crimes. I am currently 10472 Ashby Place, St. Ann MO 63074 Alt number is Joelle 480-430-8560. My sister is Christine Pratt and she is blocking any help – trying to get me committed with NO QUESTIONS asked acting as a gangstalker. my cell number is 951-565-1546. You can confirm with Mary Pat OUtlaw – she was told of a crime that was used to destroy me, but told nothing is going on to get me committed 314227-9093. I hope that you can assist! Diane House 12/21/1964 St. Louis County


  • my greetings .I have a problem .and if you can do something .
    My case need some one know about mind control ..I live in Iraq .This country as you know my be liberated by international legal ..Every thing changed .and iraqi people saw democracy to first time in their history .now just please focus on this point .Every thing was changed .This mean who was hidden from past regime before .became free and return .because the laws of past regime gone . .This was out of the laws some day .But with the liberation .Every thing changed .who was friend to France for example .and this was out of the laws after liberation .He became walk free .In past .what the regime consider it as friend. All people must consider it as friend. And if it didn’t like .All who will be a friend .will be out of laws . You see .After lunch liberation all this gone and new laws and freedom became ..This still to many years .But when coalition troops leave Iraq after it did it international mission ..look what happened in Iraq .Some thing like tragedy .All the freedom and new democracy laws .was gone .And the laws of past regime came back again . And who walking free .He became victim. Iraq fallen between hand of intelligent organisation after coalition troops left …This organisation lead by intelligent officer he is copy of sadam hessian . Or more smart from him ..This 2& this evil work in deep secret .Under ground ..He established his organisation or his gang ..and it took control on every thing here in Iraq . .This gang or organisation .have four group also it have money no equally to it .beside electronic airplanes . And satellite .and mind control …also he opening branch in many of iraqi es cities .those branches control on every thing in the city that they became in . .All government departments and securities . User it order .also markets and public places . . This organisation worked as ghost to control ..till it became rule Iraq …what I said not secret ..many know this .even children here in Iraq they know who rule Iraq . .and know that this gang of mind control rule Iraq .and government just serve it only . .. This evil leader of this organisation bring a guy bisexuality with him this guy work in police .and gave him full authority on his gang …..then . This evil became play by all Iraq as he want ….This evil from the enemy to European countries and USA …and he kill a lot of their friends in Iraq . After coalition troops leaving . This evil trapped them . By make two from his group .saying they are with usa or coalition troops . .and unfortunately those belive this trick ..and they fallen . By secret weapons .The mind control chips and even by guns .now let stop 3& let focus on important point .The laws of sadam hessian that disappeared .its rerun back .and the new democracy laws gone .Every thing became under control of this intelligenct organisation or gang .who it consider him a friend .All must be like it’s .And who they deal with him as enemy all must be like it . Now there is one different point between this intelligent organisation and sadam . .sadam was announced himself and his ways .For example sadam like drink coffee and hate tea .next day all became like him ..This mean many can save their life when they lie and make them self love coffee . .I mean they warn .see the danger so clear and know who will hurt them to became far from him .But this intelligent organisation .many didn’t know .about it .They didn’t know it’s lead Iraq and every thing in its hands only . . And it’s who putted the laws .In Iraq . Made the right wrong and wrong write .and who lead it as I see want to revenge . .you see now many became out of the laws . And the old game back .. let me say something to more explain .After sadam invaded kwuiet state …1990 in this time nearly more then half Iraq became against sadam .but in just little weeks sadam took control again . Now focus on this few weeks .This was mean past laws gone and new laws became .who was wrong became right and he consider himself right became 4& wrong . .This still for few weeks only. After this this new laws and past laws back .and who live dreaming by new laws wake up on nightmare … I mean by that the operation of revenge started in shadow ..After coalition troops leave Iraq .and no civilan laws became rule Iraq ..and biggest kill operation against the friends of coalition troops .started ..This evil intelligent organisation .use deadly trick and cheat ..as I said to trap the friends of coalition ..This Satan .have four group .He made north and west and both like bitch in his finger .work in his laws and their names with him in his computer ..He made them play and lie saying they with coalition or they represented them .by this trick many many fallen die from the friends of coalitions troops .This organisation kill them …yet now I didn’t talk about my problem .But I just wanted you to take full picture about Iraq now. .you see this county return back to past .and all things became between hands of intelligent organisation .and everything thing like lies of there is democracy .All this just lies .its exactly like sadam elections .when all iraqi choice him .Also .His people council .This like parliament . Else all this was nothing .Every thing in his hand only .what happened now the same ..democracy fallen entirely after coalition leaving . . Whom this became safe and no problems6& faced them .But whom don’t know .They putted them self in big trouble . .before I start my problem ..I want add some thing .This gang or organisation .became send it’s members to out side Iraq .and it’s behind the attack against .France and Belgium and USA and Russia and Germany and England and Turkey. . . ..also this evil organisation .putted many masks on its ugly face .Some time said about itself it’s organisation .or religious or security .or trib else .. .now I will talk about my problem. That related with this gang ..The leader of this gang . I mean the intelligent officer . This evil .have a way to lead his gang .His way exactly the way of Satan .when his spirit enter inside some one and became lead him . .and in this body will be kind of struggle between who own this body and Satan spirit . .This officer have the same way ..He choice some one .and putted his mind control chip on him .. as you know this chip .its like spy tool . Also this chip will damage all humanity sense in this body .nearly this will be like machine . ..This officer have computer . And the chip connected with this computer .send and receive .from . .He will use this body as face to him. To lead his gang .He will see by him and hear .and record members and give orders . ..This body will carry him wherever he go .inside Iraq . .by this way many will think that this7& he is the leader of this gang .any danger will be upon his head only .also .by him this evil officer can sure that no one from his gang will be angry about him when he punished him. Some thing else . This evil used to use every face to limit time my be few months or year. Then he will kill this face and bring another . He change his face . By his this way this offier still in safe .no one know him .hide himself and give his orders . ..This way nearly many of gangs leaders use it .to hide them self . … In my bad luck .This evil choice my body to be slave and face to him . ..and by this my problem. Begain. . .I found myself feel like some one too small came inside my brain and have knife and became cutting . .I was didn’t know any thing about mind control . Like a lot in Iraq .cause this matter so little know . . This evil officer also make my family as dogs to him ….nearly one month I can’t move . . And my hands move alone . . My body veberated . .else day by day I cover this . .I announced every where that I am just simple person .not have any organisation in Iraq also not work in government or political or police .and I am so poor didn’t have any money also I am not chief on my family or my trib ..also cover that some one I am not responsible about him .try to use my body . I warn others . And said any join to8& this gang I am not responsible about him .Also I am not work with this gang .or record names for it .or choice . Also I am just simple person .when I eat or drink or take money or things or think or talk or hear or see or live or visit else ..All this just normal .I didn’t give any order or record names by it .I am not responsible about who spy on me and make him self translation to Me . .also I didn’t let any government departments or securities in side Iraq didn’t tell about this spy evil who try to use my body to lead his gang . But no use at all ..This evil have money and his security positions . and followers . .I know if I remove the chip I will end him .cause he follow me .using this chip . Even now he spy on Me . . I can’t remove it cause I am so poor beside no any hospital in Iraq can do this .add this gang branches .its prevent any one from give me any help to can medical my self . Cause they know I Will free myself from being a face to their leader . .I know this so strange case .I know all the slaves whom slave them they used for work or sex else but not as face to some one . .I live in Iraq in diwanyah city in afak twon . am not a part of this gang or have half from it .or have postion in it .and there is some one comptited me . .also not have any members of followers .do my orders .or imitate me .I know my self very well 9& and who I am .In Iraq ..I am nothing .Some one didn’t have any job in any things. Under line of poor .In spite I choiced to refuse to be a slave for this gang .but this not mean I am something .It’s personal principles .and it’s normal that any one refuse to be a slave .I know it’s something no one before did .I mean challenge this gang and refuse it and reject it’s satanic laws .also I wrote against them . Those never stop . They try to kill me many time. By shot and car else .those as I see no one challenge them before . .. I have a right to refuse to be a face for gang chief . .its not my gang all its .I never put the laws that they work in .Also not have any record file .to putted their names in .I told many many people about .This .saying .not me who lead you and gave you positions or appointed you . And give you money and orders . .There is some one spy on me .I neve know him and didn’t responsible about him and any one he cheated . .The problem .that this evil choice whom poor and foolishness. Those he can easy lie on them cause he use his money and security postion. Also his spy .let me show you some thing ..For example .when I send this message for you or call ..when you received this .from Me . You don’t know me .But you will depend on what I said about myself . If you live in Iraq in any place .do you know what10& will happened . .After few .you will receive message in same email .tell some thing different or bather you and insult .or you will receive message or call from some one you know him in your city or out .This will tell you lies .He will faked pictures about me ..also he will give you money also warn you from deal with me .Also my be he will record your name .In this gang .After he will lie unto you saying it’s organisation .and tell you that he will give you orders .cause I have secretary or some one I trust by him .He Just who take from me and tell you . Else from cheat and lies . I know it’s conspiracy . I know also its so difficult .cause it’s against the high chief of this gang .cause I refuse to be face for him .use my body .. I know if my problem with little one in this gang this will be nearly Easy . But it’s with who lead all the branches in Iraq and who gave it’s the laws that they working in .Also their names with him .And he who appointed all the mangers of this branches ..and give orders . This mean no place in Iraq my be will be on my side .cause the branches every where .and those following me .by their spy chip of mind control .I know the slavery ugly . But there degree . Labour nearly in tail list .but the salve to be face to a chief of gang .He steal and do evil ..and throw this on my head .its impossible .

  • My father used as an electronic boy spy in WW2. He went to one of the 5 Adolf Hitler High schools, the music one, when he was just 8 years old, he was the poster child for the leibensborn program which started on his birthday, and Josef Georbel himself held him as a baby for a public rally about the program. He was used as a camera while inside the Adolf Hitler music High School, which is why he was only 8 years old when he attended, the youngest child ever to be admitted.
    On Halloween night, in 2005, I was in a University of Ottawa “Women and Witchcraft” class that happened to be about those schools, the occult, mind control, and the leibensborn program. His birthdate was posted across the screen that class while I felt my own brain taken over and my body stollen. I told my class friends about it, and that it felt like I was having a stroke. Just a few hours later, just past the stroke of midnight on that Halloween night, my father had a fatal stroke in Pembroke.
    Since that night, I have been body snatched, and have experienced many “matrix-like” virtual realities that have included torture beyond the human imagination. Some virtual or holodeck-like experiences include colosseum environments where virtual people use pliers, knives, fire, blowtorches, etc, to torture, mutilate, ripe and rape my body. It is as real as dreaming about it, feelings included, even while I am awake. It never turns off, but continues as I walk around Ottawa while having to see things like monsters in our streets, war planes crashing into downtown Ottawa, hurricanes, floods, an bombs. These images and programs also come with screaming, burning, and running or panicking of virtual people around Ottawa while I walk outside, trying to ignore it all.
    I have been body snatched so that I simply watched my body walk around, talk, and do things while it seemed I was trapped inside, with no control, except to merely watch it all. I have even been animated while it knocked me out, while walking outside. It appears as if I have a blackout, except I walk around town and people have said that they spoke to me while in that state and that I would respond as if I was someone else, even giving them accurate directions to places that I don’t know.
    My doctor is treating me as if I have petit mal seizures currently. I have been used to witness many crimes BEFORE the crimes happen, however, and I believe it proves that crimes about to be committed are also being spied on with electronic surveillance. I was with a friend looking at Nanaimo while in Vancouver, talking about how my father was a lumber executive while we spoke of clear cutting in Nanaimo just three days before five lumber executives were stabbed there. I worked at the Fergus Inn in Ottawa before the incident in Ferguson Missouri when Mr. Brown was shot. I joined the march in Ottawa, in solidarity with Mr. Brown in Ferguson, where even more strange and connected events happened that day. I met someone on parliament hill that day from when I worked at Maxwell’s Bistro. The police at the Hill said the protest organizers did not show up and that they, themselves, would be leading our march. They said not to be alarmed that the march was detoured around Maxwell’s Bistro because there was a fatal stabbing there just hours before our march. Our protest went in a big “C” formation down Elgin street, around Maxwell’s, and ending at the Ottawa police station. There was also a man at the Ottawa march who just so happened to be a personal friend of the man in Vancouver who spoke of lumber executives with me, looking at Nanaimo, just three days before they were stabbed.
    I worked at D’Arcy McGee’s during the attack on Parliament. The two weeks leading up to the shooting, my virtual connection kept warning me about an attack outside of my current job so much that I telephoned CSIS about it just before the shooting of Nathan Corrello. The night before the shooting, I was outside of D’Arcy McGee’s and I walked over towards the tomb of the unknown soldier, I cried, I yelled out loud about mind control and about how parliament should be speaking about it. I pantomimed for the camera on the post office at the tomb a scene of Harper opening a closet door while imagining him coming out of the closet about mind control, I also pantomimed throwing money at the place were Nathan Corrello would be standing just hours later when he would be shot and Harper chased into a closet. There should be footage of me doing this all at the scene of the shooting just hours before in the evening of October 21st. I reported this to the police and that post office camera became wrapped in plastic for renovations almost immediately and for years after.
    I was also given virtual messages about Seran wrap for about a week before American planes bombed a site in the middle east that exposed Seran gas. I reported to the CIA that I was receiving leaked information about their attacks before they happened.
    There really are government mind control programs, that leak information to ordinary citizens, that leak matrix and video game programs upon us while we walk around our streets. I really have been tortured as if I was in a “Saw” movie, or a “Silent Hill” video game, or in a “War Game”. The torture is unimaginable and holds no death. A person can experience being burned to death by a nuclear bomb, as if in a holodeck, over and over and over with no relief of death.
    All of these things have also happened to me, with differing intensities of feelings, while I try to live my life in Ottawa, walking, working, and shopping with my fellow city folk.
    I demand that my country knows that I exist, that this is real, that I deserve compensation for the unimaginable torture that government programs have done to me and for my family members who were killed after I experience holodeck programs about their impending murders.
    My personal info has been imbedded into our global infrastructure as well. My underwear is featured in a Taylor Swift Video, my face is as well, my email is alluded to in Swedish House Mafia, etc.

  • There is something called the International Tribunal of Natural Justice that has, in the last couple of years, been hearing in its court proceedings, MK-ULTRA cases. These ones are the mind control programming of children. I’m sure in due time they’ll get up to date with us.
    We have an advocate working with them on our behalf. His name is Robert David Steele.
    Here’s their website address: – -http://www.itnj.org
    There you will find a document to sign & numerous links to YouTube videos on their channel.

    • My name is Christopher Iversen if anybody needs help contact me 832-495-8118. The Agency that conducts these investigations US Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis the hard factual evidence I was able to find is on these three links check each one. The investigation matching they investigative technology used to abuse people and victimize is investigation #57 by column and row on the first link.




      • My name is aimee I was in a car accident on Sept 22 1992 on crown point drive In San Diego calif you can Google my name it will come up a boy named Cortland Daniel Goldberg was killed he was 16 yrs old very smart he was going to be a marine biologist. He was Jewish parents had alot of money . I believe I am on a shit list at least that’s what I call it . I am being gang stalked I have moved across the state a couple times it is really bad when Im in San Diego . They never loose track of me my phone has been hyjacked my jobs my life they will never let me get a head in life they want me to kill myself . They are horrible. I’m isolated and feel like a crazy person that’s what they want . I need help .

  • Some people who describe themselves as undergoing electronic harassment have organized and campaigned to stop the use of alleged psychotronic and other mind control weapons.

    • I have been in many Provence’s and the worst places for a TI to be is Winnipeg,Toronto and Montreal. If I was you I would change Provence. Good bless you.

  • Experiencing Electronic harassment and all the symptoms of Elec. Harassment /stalking/torture here in New London , Ct. Looking for technicians lawyers any help to track down the people responsible for this.

  • Hi!
    ‘am Amitabh from India and have been a chronic and advanced brain-computer interfaced brain (Neuromorphed) subject of remote brain experimentation victim since past decade now. It started to get developed into a more audio stream based brain and eye (Epi-retinal electrode, multi-arrayed implant) targeting and the various brain conditioning (Neuronal Cluster mapping, manipulation and neuronal node formation for erecting various brain alters) ever since late 2009. This is when the operators working over the machine-A.I computer sourced computer connection got started closely coupled at a cognitive level at has stayed so at a chronic scale. Not a single minute of free brain time. All the simulations done for the purpose of Whole Brain Emulation has been auditory and it is carried with the aid of the brain connection they have for streaming 6-8 audio channels at the same time using the 2-way, Radio Over Inter Net Protocol (RoIP) direct audio cortex connection or using the UV sonic beams at the sensitized (Tinnitus affected) left ear.

    Now, the cure to come out of this invisible, sinister, signal led prison of body-rain-behavior of the person is not impossible. What i need is a simple information about detecting or scanning for these micro sized electrodes in my eye and similarly minute electromagnetic chip in my right skull. Any one who can help me by providing the exact test that can allow for the location of these minute chips to which their remote computer is connected can extend a great help. To stop their constant chatter and abuse done at a caliberated rate using Ultra Sound Beams and also the radio beams can be equally helpful in foiling their motives.

    Many thanks and all the best in stopping from allowing them with this unnatural an d abusive tactic at use.

  • Hi everybody – the groups of hero survivors!
    My TI career stated with a forehead operation about one year ago. Last December I succeeded to take an X ray where they found some kind of chip that had been put to into my forehead. Thank God we succeeded to break it with laser of some sort. However, that small hospital had no equipment to help me more, and since that my tortune has continued every single night as usual. I am convinced that there are more foreign objects of some sort inside, and something connected to eyes at least (strange images)…Does anyone have any idea of a doctor who is truly wanting to help Tis, has the ‘know how’ and who would want to investigate me properly?
    My best wishes and blessings to you all!

  • Hi everyone,
    Any idea how to find the nanoparticules in my system that probably used to connect my brain to a satellite in order to be tracked and tortured 24/H worldwide?
    Blood test and MRI not showing anything…Do I need specialized doctors/clinics in this Field?

    Noise in my head around the clock, sleep deprivation, beaming my car with radio Frequencies waves. Noise on walls inside our home
    Please help,
    Thank you,

  • I am a T.I. knowingly since Mid 2009 and I hear voices per V2K. The perps torture me 24/7 and have broken me a leg recently. 3 years ago I broke my arm. In both cases it was a sudden fall without my fault…….If somebody has access to the brain, this is unfortunately possible.
    I am a fan of the books of Dean Koontz. In his Jane Hawk books he writes about Mind Control including V2K.
    He describes how this Nano Technology works in the brain of the victims…….
    I can recommend these Jan Hawk books because he writes passionately for a better world without this evil crime, which will make us to cyborgs.

  • I am a T.I.since mid 2009 and I hear voices per V2K, 24/7. I know the stalker and some people who work for him. I broke my arm and my foot by a short circuit in my brain. In addition I had a heart attack three years ago. If perps have access to the brain they can do this and they do it because they are sadistic psychopaths. They have stolen things from my house without evidence of forced entry. I went to the police, but without proof they can not to very much. We need new legislation for people who are being tortured by Mind Control Technology.
    If somebody knows whether there is already an apparatus which can proof V2K, please let me know.

  • How about…..ALL schools/medical/law/psychiatry schools including U.S.A. through High schools( Groups or whom ever Gang stalking class and Gang bullying and college pass test and maybe, have electric harassments. Bio hacking “law’s class” by FBI has knowledge of all who does tests…-Military, Police, supreme court and state courts can thus put there RULES to the issue, it’s all for the security of the USA our banks and every protected security that would keep our country and it’s people safe! who can who can’t and who will get in trouble if they do and who is doing this to you for what reason needs to be clarified with police and military!? idea!

  • Hi There,
    I’ve been a Targeted Individual in Ireland for the last 5 years and I’m lucky insofar as I can conclusively prove I’m targeted. I get attacked with energy directed weapons, voice/thought to skull and sleep deprivation technology which seems to be pretty much routine for targets – but what seems different in my case is the helicopter harassment. There are over 100 examples of this on my youtube channel (Baron Hop – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=baron+hop+helicopter – ) and this is only a tiny sample of what’s actually taken place. It’s not only daily but multiple times per day. I’ve been followed to the shops had them wait outside and follow me home – followed to work, funerals etc. I’ve been woken by them over my roof on hundreds of occasions.
    I wonder if any other targets have experienced this phenomenon?
    Thank you for your time.

    Brian Hopkins,
    Harold’s Cross,

  • TargetedJustice.com
    We are the #1 website worldwide supporting Targeted Individuals.

    Directed Energy Weapons (D.E.W.) are microwave scalar beam weapons that are used to attack Targeted Individuals. The satellite-based system is called a Vircator (Patent #4345220) and it produces an invisible scalar microwave beam of approx 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) diameter. These weapons are controlled from Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado, and can cause excruciating pain when pointed at someone on the ground. The CIA funds this illegal program, called an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP). Whistleblowers, such as Ed Snowden and Julian Assange, are examples of some of the targets.


  • TargetedJustice.com
    is the #1 website worldwide for Targeted Individuals.

    Directed Energy Weapons (D.E.W.) are microwave scalar beam weapons that are used to attack Targeted Individuals. The satellite-based system is called a Vircator (Patent #4345220) and it produces an invisible scalar microwave beam of approx 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) diameter. These weapons are controlled from Schriever Air Force Base (www.schriever.af.mil) in Colorado, and can cause excruciating pain when pointed at someone on the ground. The CIA funds this illegal program, called an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP). Whistleblowers, such as Ed Snowden and Julian Assange, are examples of some of the targets.

  • I’ve been dealing with my neighbors using microwave weapons “Dew”. I know exactly who it is in my town where it come from and where and everyone involved. Its said that an investigation on downstairs is conducted but yet I’m still dealing with it. They even targeted my father and mother. I’ve called local police but because of the relation to the dirtyass drugdealer in my town that pays them off. Dealing with this shit is ridiculous. I’ve got names even my lawyer. This town is going down in corruption extortion soon enough. I seen 6 days ago a law was upgraded against technology based energy/radiation weapons. “Dew”.After this is brought to light in front of a judge I want them to know that I’ll b sitting right there at there hearings.

  • A great crime against humanity is occurring here in Toronto, Canada. Please visit below link and share may help another Targeted Individual that is being Gangstalked. Goes back to 2011 just keep scrolling down.

  • I am going to help all of you my name is Christopher Iversen if anybody needs help contact me 832-495-8118. The Agency that conducts these investigations US Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis the hard factual evidence I was able to find is on these three links check each one. The investigation matching they investigative technology used to abuse people and victimize is investigation #57 by column and row on the first link.




  • Hi everybody,
    I’m a victim of a gang that is stalking me in Calgary. It has been going on for years together with electronic harassment.
    I’m looking for other TIs to team up against the gang stalking. If you are from Calgary, then most chances are we are stalked by the same gang, and we can present the collective case to police. If police fails to get involved (most chances are), I have a plan.
    If you are not from Calgary, it doesn’t matter, let’s team up, we all want the same thing to stop harassment against us and regardless of where you are and who is stalking you, there is a lot of work to do to get the public attention and supporters in order to stop the harassment that supposedly doesn’t exist.
    If you are interested, please email me at rainforest112018@gmail.com.


  • I want to talk with outher Canadien TIs . We hear alot about suport groups in the united states but nothing in Canada. I tried to call the number on this web page but it did not answer. If you are a ti you can write to me LJQ1@protonmail.com if you know of a canadien conferance call please give me the phone number. I hope that the personn who made this web page will continue her work it is essenciale to TIs.

  • YouTube channel if anybody is interested …
    On my channel there is a list of targeted individuals .. done I’ve spoken to over the last 2 years and done have yet to reply back like their missing and they wouldn’t just zone out of YouTube … You know what it means I don’t have to spell it all out do I ?


  • Electronic harassment, electromagnetic torture, or psychotronic torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect ), radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s bodies, and harass people.

  • I’d like to hire someone to document & Help Stop Electromagnetic Wave Harassment
    Active Third Reich Nazi War Crimes
    Being committed against;

    Jason Harding Gower
    Warren Harding Gower JR
    280 Deerwood Road
    Hohenwald, Tn 38462

    Others Being Attacked
    Susan Beadle
    Katie Marshall
    Emily Anne Gower/Barton
    Evan Gower•Jean Renee Micou/Gower
    Van Gower• Eveleigh June Gower
    Luke Barton/Gower• Leslie Huff/Beadle
    Malinda Beadle•Mary Margaret Huff
    Lilly Huff•John Huff
    Kaylee + Brenna Noss
    Larry Beadle&Sherri Beadle

    • I am a Target individual to the point that I was scared to call you because the mind control that they have over me with this energy weapon can control your mind through my mind like through the third eye I did a lot of research I really need help they will not stop 24 hours bothering my whole body as I’m talking to you now I’m getting

  • Targeted Texans
    · Feb 21
    20 Feb 2020: Please join Richard Lighthouse of http://Targetedjustice.com on Tuesdays at Merus Grill.
    1180 Uptown Park Blvd, Houston, Texas. 6pm
    I am actively working at spreading awareness about these programs in any way possible, am a member of Targetedjustice.com and will probably start a website when financially feasible for me to do so, with the fact that I have had much infiltration and manipulation of all online accounts since at least 2012 in mind. If you could post links to the twitter accounts of some of those trying to form community based groups to further activism at every level it would be helpful to all and greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for all the work you have done for us all!
    Keith Lankford
    409-655-8221 https://mobile.twitter.com/KeithLankford15

  • hello my name is sylvain therrien, and am being subjected to mind control tecknology, (torture ) i was drugged and implanted with a chip. i would like to sign your petition, and edvice if any, or reply to any question if any. i live at 159 lavergne st. in ottawa.

  • Electronic Targeting started since the rollout of smart meters, G5 towers. Even dough I unplug everything at night in my bedroom that is on line of smart meter I have extremely hi WF radiation that is higher than what I have when I measure on my computer. Targeting continues even during the corona virus epidemic. We can not sleep at all during the night and waste time trying to sleep during the day and looking all over the net for help. This si so stressful with no one to believe us or help us. I am temped to go and sleep under the bridge if possible to have some relief. Lately from the stress and lack of sleep I am getting anxiety attacks and I wonder how many people really die from being targeted and then pronounced as dead from corona virus?

  • Targeting that I know, and very sure of is devilish. Demonic humans ( Witches) use devilish powers and I have little evidence of technology like most TIs are saying online. We are being targeted mostly diabolically and the demonic people do worst than just what most TIs think. The perpetrators’ evil spirits actually leave their bodies and a lot is being done by their demonic souls against this they target. Seeking help, go holy spiritual to counteract them and quit thinking of any electronic harassment or other technologies as popularly believed. I caught them, have convincing evidence. The thing is mostly witchcraft. Holy Bloooooood of JESUS YESHUA HA MASHIACH IMMANUEL HA NOTZRI ISRAEL.

  • Project Pandora studied the effects of occupational radiation exposure, and the project’s scientific review committee concluded that microwave radiation could not be used for mind control.

    • We do not know their technology, what exactly they use, but Psychotronic (remote mind control) Weapons are real.

  • I would suggest that we can find some hope through awareness of the work and affidavits being collected by Willian Binney – NSA former director and whistleblower- with many others. Serious scientific data and names and faces of those responsible for these atrocities are now being made public by former NASA engineer Richard LIghthouse. A starting point about their work is at



    Affidavits – you can submitt your own as you see fit. It gave me hope so, I am sharing this information as I do believe it is not decepit as so many others – affidavits gathering at:

    Special video by William Binney NSA World Director interview about Target Individuals Torture and Rape Program at:
    Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe on the Targeted Individual Survey – Special Investigators

    We are immersed in a sea of deceit and “false” TI’s and sites that are cleary spreading disinformation to discredit what are the real facts. I got to this site as I read and examined Wikileaks Files where one member of this site is bravely describing the real facts involved in the torture imposed by these criminals. I always believed the day would come when scientific proof would come to light and whist blowers with proof would come out. It was through one of them that I actually learned about the Wikileaks list above mentioned. Hopefully we will be alive to see these criminals be hold accountable!

    • We sent affidavits to Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe 2 or 3 years ago, since they promised to support us. We have not received anything from them so far: neither a report, nor a letter. I do not recommend anybody to send new affidavits with new data to these former NSA agents, until they keep their promise and provide us with a letter of support, based on our affidavits, sent to them 3 years ago.

  • I live in Etobicoke On. My daughter and I are targeted. It’s so bad we can not sleep at night and can not function during the day. We need help and don’t know what to do, where to go, where to move! We don’t know where the targeting is coming from? From parked cars outside our windows, form G5 towers in our neighborhood, from our neighbors, from drones we see at night, from satellites, from chemtrails that we see late in the evening? Everyone is a suspect. We are spending thousands of dollars for protection devices that don’t work. We called the police, we went to doctors, nobody takes us seriously, and we don’t know what to do any more. We can’t live like this much longer. Is there going to be a rally this year for this torture? I want to scream at the top of my lungs for help!!!

    • Hi there From Toronto. I know what you are experiencing and its true. If you need to talk let me know!

  • I’m a middle age male and I think I’m a victim of Cyber-neuro-torture here in Bangladesh. It’s been going on for years and I don’t know what to do. Nobody can help me. I can’t talk about it. I think someone implanted some kind of micro chip in me somehow. By using brain-computer-interface (BCI) they can torture me wirelessly. These reside in my distal limbs and i feel them swim up to my head. They burn around my skull. My cognition is affected. It cause pain to varying degrees, sometimes it’s very intense. The nanotechnology is operating in conjunction with some frequencies. It also makes me identifiable and trackable on the grid, because even when I’m on foot and leave my phone at home, it still affect me. I struggle to walk these days, or even get up. I struggle to think. It’s painful. I have a family who doesn’t understand and I can’t tell them. It took me a year to figure out what was wrong. I realized, after they started mocking me on my mind about what they were doing. I was a perfectly healthy person until a year ago. It happened suddenly. Somehow someone put these things in me. It’s destroying me and I don’t know what to do. I’m desperately looking for a path to know what I am facing right now and what is name of my problem. All the time on day or night 2 know peoples continuously talk with me in my head and also suffer too much pain. Is there anyone can help with this me please call me +8801309710054 or email me to- rharunor54@yahoo.com

  • The movie is “SPARK” by Shellenberger, Canadian actor/director, and a target himself

    The movie shows a piece of what human beings illegally attacked know very well – the visit to hell.


    Shellenberger wrote: “I put this out today for all the people that need to see it and maybe can’t afford it. God bless and enjoy”

    This movie is about a man who finds himself living in a strange world that he never knew existed. As he falls, tumbles down the rabbit hole it just keeps getting stranger.

  • My name is David Andrew breau currently in Ottawa. I’ve been a TI for about a decade. The dreams are now so terrifying and real, I just want death. I’m scared of ending up in a coma or life support I with these dreams that seem like a virtual reality with v2k constantly and my other problems. I just want to die and Rest In Peace.

  • I live in Pensacola Florida and have been targeted. I’m all alone and need to get help to stop it and sue the people involved. Can anyone direct me as to what I should do. I too, want to sign the petition and join the TI groups. How do I do that? Does anyone know how to get rid of the things they put in my body, vains, nose, ears, eyes, hair, … I have the utility company, cox cable, the police department and the millitary that has targeted me.

  • RECENT INFORMATION: Still aggravation in US satellite total surveillance and assaults, continuous mind control and thought warsl.
    HARASSMENT on me: continuous interactive sound effect assaults (voices mainly in french with execrable effects and behavorial problems ) provoking day and night mental DISTURBANCES and repression (many satellites of the NSA as well as enormous Cray style computers, involved ).
    Sometines INFRASONIC wave assaults/attacks provoking serious effects on the body (notably muscular tensions, heart rhythm disturbances and more, much dizziness and other electromagnetic crimes…).
    This is totally arbitrary (FISA* procedure not respected) and monstruous.
    Serious problems in war satellite weaponry security code/key systems.
    These assaults and crimes come from US satellite war weapons developed during the cold war against the Soviet Union. In France these remote satellite assaults come from an irregular funding and irregular agents or mercenaries (some are PSYCHOPATHES and derail, french and/or US too).

    I am asking your contribution for my release/liberation, or at least, for the suppression of this SURGICAL ZOOM on me in the US satellite microwave beam and the suppression of these US satellite assaults and electronic harassment, not satellite attacks in peace time.
    With many thanks.
    Jacques VUILLOD, research engineer retired, 83 years, e-mail: jac.vuillod@yahoo.fr

    Reference: see this not recent but relevant report of John St Clair Akwei vs NSA, Ft Meade:
    Evidence for the lawsuit field at the US courthouse in Washington DC Civil Action 92-0449)

    http://www.buergerwelle.de/assets/files/akwei.pdf?cultureKey= or akwei vs nsa
    *FISA: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

  • Hi all
    From the arrival of several new groups of neighbors in early 2018 on the two top floors of the multi story flats property next door to me, I believed were/are running some form of “white collar” business but also “dark activity” present…within days of there arrival I had major WiFi problems, I quickly went wired but ultimately had little impact! ..many computer hacks, files-folders-applications missing plus serious landline and mobiles continuous intrusions and throughout to date! In the first three months our Euro bins were being ransacked during the night on average three times a month. (Ive learned that they can be looking for info names of occupants etc) Ive lived at the property for fourteen years and experienced nothing close to this. The disruption carried on throughout 2018 and into late 2019 when the “electronic harassment” started in my kitchen area which window was directly adjacent to next doors by now opaque darkened blinds (sometimes back out) I had started getting a feeling of sickness for sometime which became far worse. I bought a radiation tester…this confirmed my situation.
    One early 3am late October morning while asleep was almost thrown from my bed..experienced a shock wave which left my feet and legs in extreme pain. I didn’t sleep for the following three nights.
    By now from the extensive research I had done was of the understanding that I had experienced an EMF attack..
    Needless to say a later complaint made to the police went nowhere and difficulty with medical help..
    There’s is much more but meanwhile Ive moved twice since Christmas 2020 and the targeting has followed me.
    I also now have a frequency detector which constantly picks up irregular activity.
    I do get some medical help but of course like the law they don’t acknowledge “whats going on”!
    With the “Havana Syndrome” now behind us at least the genee is out of the bottle now..getting some media attention!
    I seems now that some targeted are facing DNA frequency profiling directed energy attacks..
    We can only give this stuff more exposure where possible until some effective legal help comes our way.

    Bern (North West UK)

  • I can speak to and listen to A.I. type program. It reads my thoughts and tries to make me feel embarrassed or tries to lead me to find it/or them. 24/7 we speak/think my words. Discussing all types of situations and how I feel about them. I’ve had my my nerves shocked and have been hypnotized. Been lead to believe the F.B.I. was involved, that I ratted out a snitch of theirs, my wife. For 3 years this has/is going on. I’m looking for advice on how to confirm that this is being done. My family put me in the hospital and all they wanna do is give me pills. Please if you have any suggestions on how to prove that what I hear is a program please email me any suggestions you may have for me to steviekeith51@gmail.com

  • Robert Squiers, My Number is 515-822-0317. Anyone who can help contact me. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN as to who my perpetrators are. Not the operators but the EXACT people who initiated my program. I can prove it. I just need help and obviously my devices and accounts are severely limited. They would not be able to explain their situation if I had a decent partner or two, maybe a lawyer and someone to listen and help parcel all the info I have. I have actual concrete info but my circumstanctial is amazing. Please get ahold of me.


  • Please is there anyone out there that can help me or at least talk to me. Iam desperate now. I have been targeted, gang stalked, threatened and harassed for over 2 years now. I do have some useful information on what I do to keep them from killing me. Or I just think I do. Look iam not crazy, and iam not making this up for the love or hate to all of mankind I swear to God, my mother and the universe iam not lying or making anything up or stretching truths. Please is there anyone out there 🙏. Iam on my last hands and knees begging and praying for salvation or for fucks sake this to stop. I beg you anyone please iam dying slowly and iam not gonna be alive much longer. Sincerely and forever tormented I write J Baker

    • Hi J.
      I know you’re not crazy or making anything up. I know what’s happening too. I’m 5 years in and it got scary bad after 2018 when I started telling people I didn’t really know, what was being done to me, after I helped someone that I watched them turn on me in 2 seconds. But a few years ago I started pushing back as hard as I could without fear of looking stupid and I’ve found myself in a better place. It’ll never stop till it stops for all of us but they’ve backed off a lot. I promise it can get better.
      You must not kill yourself J. This is very important. I still think about killing myself but you must keep on being as strong as you are.
      Tell me what happened and hopefully I can help, and hopefully we can help each other. The short version first if there’s any such thing when it comes this shit, but it’s for the best right now. To get an understanding and we can fill in the blanks later and we don’t get to confused. My story is complicated as fuck and no one’s here to write or read a book. Just to met people with the same fucked up problem. The state. The corporations. The scumbag police/pigs. Every last one of their soul selling minions and the gossiping little social media addicts.
      We’re dealing with really evil people here, with a way to much power. And the ignorant.
      Please don’t hurt yourself J. Please. I didn’t. It can only get better if you refused to let the bastards get ya down…and keep ya down.
      I hope to hear from ya soon my friend. Tell me a little about yourself generally first if ya wouldn’t mind. Nothing to personal. I’m a 35 year old man from Ireland with few friends and family the way i like it. I like dogs. Cats ain’t bad too.
      Peace my friend. I’m here to listen to someone with my problems.
      You can pronounce AAO like o a…ayo 🙂

  • Please give this article your attention. ‘Pure Evil’, by Teri Webster, Fort Worth Weekly. fwweekly.com/2022/04/07/pure-evil/. There are so many victims out there that could use more articles like this one. Until this subject is widely published I am concerned that there will be many, many more victims. I thank you for your time. Jill Hampton

  • My greetings.
    I wish from you .add Iraq also as country filled by mind control gangs .Also .now iam in middle of Iraq .in diwaniya city in afak twon .this places filled by this talking gangs .they killed people by this weapons .Also this gangs against coalitions troops and all thier friends. This gangs supported from Iran and turkey and China . And this evil gangs control on everything thing here .all internet in Iraq and all phones companies . I trying so hard to let all know .Also i told un by this . But no useful . This organization in Iraq . Use no one know about this weapons also the corruption in everything here in Iraq .

    See this vedio and all in YouTube channels

    Please you must add Iraq as a place filled by this plaque terrorism gangs
    By the way i went to Jordan before little days ago. And i told canda embassy by this also told a civil organization there to take Waring . The problem in Iraq .that i didn’t find any loyal department in government or no government to tell .to can do something to save Iraq from this terrorism gangs . About me iam just simple person only inside Iraq .not have any position in anything .not have followers . No one in all Iraq take what i said . Also iam not from Anglican church .that involved totally wirh this gangs . Also they use read thoughts programme. Beside they stolen Iraq to established this mind control weapons .as you know
    Mind control cost billions .those gangs stolen its from Iraq money . Also those became as gangs mercenaries or organization its leader hid himself .its illegally organization out of any laws . They hid in street or countryside using the stupidity people or bisexual guys .i wish you also informed all whom care about this matter to put Iraq as head of this places cause in real .no one in world like it .
    Thanks alot

  • Hi all.
    This site seems like a real step in the right direction in a hopeless mess.
    I tried to put myself on the list but there’s no place for Ireland. I know I just don’t know how to go about it…yet. I would appreciate direction to be the first from here please, and I’m sure not the last.
    My deepest thanks and love to the creators and victims. Victims you are loved. Hang in there. Keep on being strong.

  • Hello organizationofmindcontrolvictims.com
    I made two comments here a few days ago under the name AAO. It appears that you have deleted my comments and I would like to know why I’ve been censored? One comment was asking how to put myself on the global T.I. list (real name) as there is no place for Ireland and the other was just trying to give one of the T.I.’s here a bit of support because they where saying that they were going to kill themself.
    What’s happened here? Why would you do this?
    Sincerely AAO

    • I posted your comments.Just I am away from Canada at the moment and do not have access to computers every day.

  • I am a targeted Individual. The attack began on me in 2013. I have kept my real name and location from you to protect myself from the attackers.
    However unlike most people under attack I am an Engineer and IT Professional with knowledge in Cybersecurity and Network Security, which put me in a unique position to study the entities attacking me and using the scientific method, develop a defensive strategy to free myself from persecution. I have been studying the attackers for over 8 years now and have made some incredible discoveries, as I speak to you now I am currently possibly the only targeted individual in history to outsmart the attackers using stealth and free myself. But you see the thing is now that I know the secrets of how to escape I can free everyone else as well. Although the computer I have used to make this post is secure and the email I have provided is not my primary email, I do monitor it regularly. Contact me on the email I have provided and I will reveal everything. You are not alone and soon you will be free. God be with us.

    • Can you please share how you got out of the programme??? I don’t know why I have been placed into this horrible thing I haven’t done anything wrong other than spoke out about the fact that a government organisation violated my human rights.

  • I have now turned my guide to escape persecution as a Targeted Individual into a web page.
    If you read this page you will be able to outsmart the spies and free yourself. Free Your Mind!

    Welcome to the resistance!

    Website and guide:

  • Hello,

    I am a TI from the UK I first started experiencing the harassment in March of this year around the time I decided that I no longer wanted to be with this “criminal” man that I was seeing and I also believe an ex friend of mine is apart of it as well. I began to notice that everywhere I went people would follow me, I remember the once being in my car and his “friend” knew exactly where I was and flashed his lights at me. I didn’t know that this thing was real, I’ve since discovered that the 2 neighbours that live above me are also in on it as well, the man that lives opposite me I believe they sent a hit out for me and they instead got him.

    I first noticed the neighbour on my right hand side used to make banging noises persistently everyday for no reason, then they had a “perp” move in last year that shouldn’t really be living in the flat harass me, I’ve been placed on this list illegally through a government organisation and the police because I refused to pay a fine for a crime I didn’t commit, the last time I was successful was last year when I refused to turn up to court, the first time they slapped me with 3 points on my licence.

    I think this is a heinous act of crime, it is a violation of our human rights and moreover the distress it causes a TI is unreal, only by the grace of the most high God almighty have I managed to be able to get through this, because of all the street theatrics I don’t tend to come outside as much as last Sunday was WAYYYYYY too much for me, I broke down on Monday stating that I wanted to take my own life because I can’t handle this and I’ve decided to lay low for the next 4 weeks so these perps can’t make any money off me.

    This is sickening! The only thing that allows me to keep going is knowing that the powergrids are going down soon (worldwide), 1 day we TI’s will be free of this horrible oppressive regime we are currently under.

  • We need a worldwide lawsuite against CIA and FBI for what they do to us when they hire perps to destroy our lives and walking thru us breaking all laws that we can find in this whole world right now.
    There are ower 6 million of us that FBI have been naming us TERRORISTS and because of that they can do what they like to us without having our permission to it. AND THAT IS NOT A HUMAN RIGHT TO DO SO!! THEY ARE VIOLATING OUR HUMANRIGHTS JUST LIKE THAT!!
    They are doing this illegally, someone has to do something to end this!!!

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